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Title: How to play the Hago game on Android
Link: How to Play the Hago Game on Android

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How to play the Hago game on Android

How to play the Hago game on Android

Hago is an application that features 1v1 player online multiplayer games that are fun, challenging, funny, entertaining and definitely addicting. The game Hago was developed by Hago Games with a size that in my opinion is not that big for a game. fun game, only about 22 MB, that we can download for free from the Google Playstore for Android devices. Since Hago was released to date, approximately 10 million downloads have been made and it has received 4.6 stars from the Hago player rating. This game does not require special specifications to be played on an Android smartphone or mobile phone, the important thing is that we have active internet data or this game can only be played online.

By the way, for those who are still single, apart from games and entertainment, in the Hago application we can also enjoy the function of making friends among other Hago players, for example asking for friendship. If we play Hago games, we can too Chat, send chat messages, emoticons or stickers and use the voice chat service for gamer mode, there is nothing wrong with that. We can also invite Facebook, Line and WhatsApp friends to Mabar or play together, but the Friends we invite must both have the Hago application.

How to play the Hago game on Android

The games included are also very many and different types of strategy and agility game genres, for example the Sheep Fighting game, Fun Link, Knife Throw, Congklak, Gold Miner, Tempe Tofu, Jumping, SOS, Running Stick, English Dam , Tennis Go, Nyan Cat, Ball League, Snakes and Ladders, Werewolf, and most likely with the development of the Hago application, new games are added that are of course also fun, funny and entertaining.

    How to create a Hago game account, friends, see below
    • The admin assumes your friends already have the Hago application if you can’t download it from the Google Playstore.
    • Open the Hago game application. The first time you open it, you’ll be asked to create an account by logging in with a Facebook account or others like Gmail, Line, and HP No.
    • With Facebook, for example, you can create a Hago account, log in to your Facebook account and create a profile photo according to the one on Facebook or take a photo from the gallery on your mobile phone, set the date of birth, gender and save. You can change your profile in the Settings menu in the Hago application.
    • Activating the location in the Hago app settings makes it easier for us to find friends in our area.

    How to play the game Hago

    How to play the Hago game on Android

    • Select a game you want to play.
    • Wait for the matchmaking to complete.
    • After you have found an opponent, the game starts automatically.
    • If your internet connection is lost or out of the game, you are considered lost because you left the game.
    • After playing, you can invite your opponent to play again or vice versa.
    • All games with the amount you played and the number of wins are saved in your preferred game profile.
    • Don’t forget to turn on notifications or notifications so that when a friend invites you to play you can be delivered instantly.
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