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Title: How to Overcome ML Accounts Affected by Hacks
Link: How to Overcome ML Accounts Affected by Hack

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How to Overcome ML Accounts Affected by Hacks

Your account has been hacked or suddenly there is an unknown account in your ML account. In this case, your account must be closed quickly. Before I explain how to deal with a hacked account, the first thing you need to know is the cause of your account being hacked. Usually there are several different things that can result in your account being hacked.


If the hacked account is your Facebook account, there is a possibility that you have been affected by a phishing attack. Phishing is a fake page that usually appears in the comments column on Facebook. The characteristics of phishing are that when you click the link, you will even be asked to enter your FB ID and passport. This is called phishing.

Page? ˅ Refill

Usually there are websites that offer free diamonds for every account. The condition is that you enter your account. That’s a lie, don’t let the site lull you because it is impossible for a site that has no clear origins to give free diamonds to every player. Anyway, don’t let your ID and passport be entered to a site that isn’t clear.

if share account

Hacked accounts could be due to sharing your account with people you know or don’t know.

method Overcome

If your ML account has actually been hacked, it will be very difficult to get back unless it is the person who hacked you who releases it. So the only way is to contact customer service.

Select problem accountaccount Caught Chop

Please send an email to and provide account details such as ID, server, IGN (Nicname). Or more details you can follow the example below.

After successful delivery, please wait 2-7 days for a response.

After receiving a response from CS, you will be directed to a link.

After entering the link, please fill out the form provided.

After sending, let CS do its job. The process is counted long, that’s because a lot of inquiries come in, and not just you.

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This is How to Get over Hacked ML Accounts

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