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Title: How to Overcome the Lost Internet Network
Link: How to Overcome the Lost Internet Network

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How to Overcome the Lost Internet Network

How to Overcome the Lost Internet Network
The internet network is very important when we surf in cyberspace, for example when looking for news, social media and when playing online games, even the internet has become daily use for everyone in the world on our smartphones none Connect and engage in cyberspace-related internet activities.

There are times when we have problems with the internet network connection on a smartphone or mobile phone, for example in some cases the internet signal suddenly disappears, which is indicated by the absence of the symbols GPRS 3G, 4G, H and H +, although the The button for the Internet settings of the mobile phone is active and the network operator is not notified of the problem.
The cause of the loss of the Internet network on our cell phones can be that when buying a second cell phone, the SIM card is often changed, incorrect APN network settings (Access Point Names) or our cell phones happen to be borrowed from a sister who inadvertently uses the Settings changes The Internet network Various problems causing loss of Internet signal can be solved as follows.
1. Check the network operator
The first thing to do before taking any steps to overcome a lost internet network is to check the operator you are using e.g. B. Telkomsel, Indosat, Tri, XL and others by asking family and friends or neighbors who both use the operator. What you are asking also has the same problem, it means that the carrier you are using is in trouble, but if what you are asking is not a problem at all, it means that the problem is with your mobile phone and its internet network settings lies.
2. Turn flight mode on and off
Enabling and disabling airplane mode on the mobile phone can help update the problematic network on our mobile phone.
3. Restart HP
Before we move on to the next method, we’d better restart the cellphone, which has been proven to be effective in overcoming various small problems caused by errors on the cellphone.
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4.Check APN (Access Point Name)
Check the APN settings of the Indonesian operator you are using, for example you can leave the name and others blank, but the APN needs to be filled in according to the APN operator you are using. You can find an example below.
Name: Telekom
APN: Internet
Name: Indosat
APN: indosatgprs
Name: XL
APN: xlgprs
Name: Axis
APN: axis
5. Check the network settings
Every smartphone or mobile phone has different internet connection settings, for example on a Samsung Galaxy j1 mobile phone that has internet connection settings under Settings> SIM card manager> Data service network>. Select the internet provider you are using.
You can use this method if your mobile phone has the same settings as a Samsung phone.
6. Back to the factory settings
The only option, if all of the above methods don’t work, we can reset our cell phones to factory settings so that error files that can interfere with the network and cause problems can be deleted and returned to normal.
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