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How to Overcome Continuous Load Cursor and 100% CPU Usage

Last week I got a lot of messages in email about various problems that usually occur on laptops or computers. As always, the problems are very diverse.

But among these problems, many Windows 7, 8, and 10 users are wondering about cursor issues appearing on their laptops or computers.

Some of the problems I often run into are cursor problems that often get stuck, cursor problems that keep loading, cursor problems missing, to cursor problems that like to flicker on their own.

Worse, this initially simple cursor problem can become severe if not handled properly. In some cases, like in the previous article, one of my clients even experienced a black screen due to the cursor loading all the time.

Even if it just looks like a problem trivial But we can’t just let it go In my own experience, I am almost frustrated when I encounter this constant cursor loading problem on my laptop.

Starting with the laptop’s deteriorating performance, the laptop began to slow down and even some Microsoft Office programs became more and more difficult to use.

How to Fix Continuous Cursor Loading in Windows 7, 8, and 10

When I was trying to calm myself down and find a way out of this problem, I found an easy step that day, which is outsmart constant problem loading cursor on laptop.

How then the hell How do I deal with a cursor that keeps loading on computers and laptops? Let’s see how below:

  1. First turn on your laptop.
  2. After turning it on, try to ignore your cursor which is always showing loading images.
  3. Right click anywhere on your desktop.
  4. Choose personalize
  5. A popup will appear looking for a menu that says “Change mouse pointer
  6. Once you’ve selected the menu to change the mouse pointer, you’ll get a new popup that looks like this:

How to overcome the constantly loaded cursor

Important: Pay attention to the part circled in red! That’s the part we’re going to turn into another picture

To change the logo circled by the red box all you have to do is double-click the image and select a new logo that looks like the one below!

How to overcome the continuous loading of the cursor and blinking

Important: Make sure the circled logo turns into an image like the one above!

After changing the logo, you can click use and click OK. Complete! So easy right?

Has the problem of the cursor loading continuously been resolved?

Not yet! As I explained above, these steps are not the best way to solve this problem. The real problem is 100% CPU usage problem this can happen with your device.

Finding out this CPU usage problem is very easy! This is possible through:

  • Right click on the lower bar of the desktop
  • Then choose Start Task Manager
  • and select menu Processes
  • Look at the amount of CPU Usage Performance that is under the popup

CPU usage problems of up to 100% can be present on your device and affect the laptop’s performance, thereby hindering your activities. Excessive CPU usage can cause your computer or laptop to lag and even go black.

To solve this, you can read the tutorial below.

Cause CPU usage up to 100%

It could be that the following causes are the main factors behind the 100% CPU usage of your computer or laptop problem.

  1. Excessive app performance
  2. Too many application starts
  3. virus

Of the above causes, the worst is when your device is infected with a virus. Because, as we know, viruses are the cause of very annoying gadget problems.

In general, some viruses that cause CPU usage do not damage the files on the computer but damage the balance of your browser applications. To overcome this, you can first read my article titled How to Beat a Browser Virus Using CMD as it has been shown to work on my clients’ computers.

So, if you find any software or applications that are similar to browser and antivirus applications, you need to uninstall the application! Because I can confirm that the application is malware trying to steal or corrupt data on your laptop.

From my personal experience, some of these malware applications are very difficult to uninstall. So for those of you who are struggling to uninstall all that pesky software, I recommend the CCleaner application.

How to overcome the continuous loading of the cursor with CCleaner

The last word

If you are still confused by the article titled How to Overcome the Sustained Load Cursor with Up to 100% CPU Usage, then post your question in the comments column that is already available.

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