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How to merge offline / online PDF files with images

As we know, PDF is one of the best file extensions that is widely used by professionals. In addition to data storage, PDF files can also be used as an alternative learning medium in schools.

Since it has many advantages, some people save their working documents in PDF files on purpose. This was also proven by the high traffic from the article on translating a PDF file that we wrote earlier.

Unlike Microsoft Word doc files, which are easy to edit, PDF files require little effort to convert. It will be very difficult especially for those of you who do not understand how this document works.

How to merge PDF files offline and online + complete with images

Here are 2 ways to easily combine PDF files on laptop and Android. Tutorials can be done offline and online. You can choose one of them. But of course this method is free and becomes easier because we present it complete with picture instructions.

1. How to merge PDF files offline

If you don’t have internet access to merge PDF files, you can use a simple application called. to use Adobe Acrobat Pro. You can use this application to merge files in offline mode.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Please open the Adobe Acrobat Pro application you have. If you don’t already have it, please download it from the following page
  2. After successful opening, please select the menu Tools keep going. Choose Tools
  3. Select next Combine files to merge the pdf files you have. Choose Combine Files
  4. Click on the menu add files if you want to add another PDF file. Click the Add Files button
  5. To sort the order of the PDF files, you can move the PDF files as you like.
  6. click Combine and save the created PDF file. Click the Combine button


  • To delete it, please right-click on one of the PDF files and select the button Removed to get rid of the pdf files you want.

2. How to merge PDF files online

If you want to combine PDF files quickly, you need to choose the online method. Using the SmallPDF website will make your work faster.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Please visit the following page
  2. Click on the menu Select to upload the pdf files you want to merge.
  3. Wait for the upload to complete.
  4. Please edit the uploaded PDF file by either changing its position or adding a new PDF page. Please see the picture below for more details. Merge PDF files
  5. When you are done editing, please click the menu Merge PDF to get to the final process. Wait for the compression process to finish and you will find that the PDF file has become one.

Tool description in SmallPDF:

  • Drop PDF file here: This button is useful for uploading your PDF files and sorting them directly. Here all you have to do is tap the page and move it around as you wish.
  • Add more PDF: This feature allows you to add worksheets or other PDF files more easily.
  • additive: There are 2 main modes in this tool. Page mode as well as file mode. Page mode is a mode in which we can edit PDF files based on worksheet pages. The file mode is a mode in which we can edit and merge multiple PDF files directly. Here is an example of the file mode we found: How to merge PDF files offline

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