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How to know the history of compassion Gacha Genshin's influence automatically!

How to know the history of compassion Gacha Genshin’s influence automatically!

One of the joys of Genshin Impact players is Gacha, where you can use Gacha to get the character you want.

Talking about gacha can certainly not be separated from compassion. While pity itself is a system in the Genshin Impact Gacha for determining the character’s rate, the maximum pity you will need is 90 for limited banners and 80 for permanent banners.

Many are sometimes lazy enough to manually calculate compassion, so it is currently difficult for him to know his compassion gacha. And to find out, this is where SPIN Esports wants to give you tips so you can find out how to do it for free.

How to Automatically Recognize the Influence of Compassion Gacha Genshin

You can follow the steps below to find out your compassion gacha:

  • Game registration Genshin Impact
  • Not the website
  • Call up the desired counter menu
  • You can click Auto Import
  • As stated on the website, follow the steps namely open Wish, click on History, turn off internet data, on the far right click on Refresh, copy all black fonts that appear on your screen (Android)
  • Then switch your internet data back on
  • Go back to the website and paste the black text into the box as shown below.

Too bad Genshin Impact

After that, you can immediately see all the wish that you have made as a whole, especially if you want to know the history of 5 star characters that you may regret, you can see it right away. One example is the author below who looks like it’s hard to keep going at the top 70 wishes.

Gacha Genshin Impact

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Additionally, you can see other menus to find out how much compassion it takes to get the character you want, such as the current Raiden Shogun banner.

Gacha Genshin Impact Shogun

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