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Title: How to Install PS1 Games on Android Easily
Link: How to Install PS1 Games on Android Easily

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How to Install PS1 Games on Android Easily

How to Install PS1 Games on Android Easily

GAME PS1 or PlayStation 1 is a game that was very popular in the 90s and had a golden era at that time. With the advent of PlayStation 2 and 3 and even 4, it can be difficult to find games from PlayStation 1 that used to be popular in rental stores, now it can be said that the PlayStation 1 is a rare item that is difficult to find Although it has become an old school game, PlayStation 1 games still have loyal fans, namely real gamers. Perhaps gamers won’t be ready to let go of their memories while playing PlayStation games 1 which I think the average game is legendary to date.

For those of you who want to remember where the PlayStation 1 was and want to play now, don’t worry, you can still do it. In this advanced era, technology is also evolving and one of them is playing PS1 games on our favorite gadget, which is Android, using a phone or tablet with an Android operating system, we can install PS1 games and play them smoothly, just like on a real one PlayStation 1.

From the tutorial I got maybe this is the newest tutorial that doesn’t need to install confusing supporting apps, download certain conditions for it to work, we will make everything easy. We just need to download an already available emulator application. Available for free in the Google Playstore and even has a very complete function in my opinion. Below is how to easily install PS1 games on Android.

How to Install PS1 Games on Android Easily

  • Download the PS1 emulator application from the Google PlyStore, namely Matsu Player or Multi PSX Emulator. This application was developed by Studio MXE with a size of approximately 21 MB. With the benefit of multifunctionality, you can use PSX, PSP. play NES, GBA games and others, no need to download another emulator application.
  • Prepare PS1 games for Android to download from Google search (sorry, I don’t have any games from PS1). I am going to explain a little bit about PS1 games for Android that are usually in the “son“, and if you get it in rar or zip format, you can extract it first to get a file called” game.bin “. You can use the Unzip or X-Plore application to extract it and put in a folder that is easy to remember or even to create yourself, the name of the folder is up to you. If the administrator uses the X-Plore application because it is simpler and it can open many kinds of file formats like zip and rar can.
    How to Install PS1 Games on Android Easily

How to play it:
How to Install PS1 Games on Android Easily
  • Open the Matsu Player or Multi PSX Emulator application.
  • Select menu EMU >> PSX.
  • Find the place for the PS1 game you have with the game format described above which is in the “gamename.bin” format. For example, I am playing a game. Super Shot Soccer.bin
  • Select Super Shot Soccer.bin and you will be presented with a menu from the Matsu Player application. Then choose New games and CONTINUEThe game icon picture did not appear before playing and saving data or after saving the game.
  • Congratulations, the PS1 game is now ready to be played.
  • The RAM specifications are very low even with 512 RAM, and it must be very fluid with RAM above 512.

Full screen settings:
How to Install PS1 Games on Android Easily

For settings so that you can play full screen or full screen.

Select menu Edit layout and Game screen size you change clothes fully.Or it can also press the button after entering the game To return on HP and later there will be a menu choice Screen size and choose fully.

You can adjust further settings such as speed, image quality and others as you wish.

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