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How to get a skin without diamonds in Mobile Legends

Masriss-Hello, gamer friends, in this article I will once again provide information about the Mobile Legends game. We’re not going to stop discussing this one game. And at this point, Masriss wants to share how to get skins without using a dime diamond.

free skins ml

As you can see above, there are 56 dimensional sketch skins in the Mobile Legends game and if you want to know all of the skins they are given for free. There is no such thing as free in this world, and neither are the skins in this mobile legend game.

Before going into the method, my friend needs to know what a skin is first, or in Indonesian it is skin, but in Mobile Legends game, skin is like wearing a new costume or face on our hero. Without much more bacod we are stepping down the path to get the skin for free.

Follow every event

Mobile Legends host events every year, in this case Moonton, the developer of the Mobile Legends game, sells skins for free, the skins they give are epic-ordinary skins. Typically, mobile legends host events like Christmas, Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day, and other big days on every big day.

Buy with skin fragments

In Mobile Legends game there are rare items, namely fragments, there are three types of fragment items. Of these three types, one is a hero fragment, so the remaining two skin fragments, the first is a premium fragment, this fragment is blue and is used to buy seasonal, elite and regular skins.

Getting premium fragments is easy, why am I saying it is difficult to collect is quite long as a skin is rated at 250-60 fragments. To be able to collect it, my friend just logs in every day and opens the chest, apart from the premium fragment chest you can join the share event every time a new skin or hero comes out.

About Lucky Spin

You can also get skins through Lucky Spins through Lucky Spin. The Lucky Spin menu is in the shop, scroll down and click on the draw menu. Usually you only get basic skins or normal skins in Lucky Spins, lucky spins are also reset every week. With Lucky Spin you not only get skins, but also heroes.

In order to play Lucky Spin you need a ticket item. You can get this item through seasonal prices or in the login box. The chance of winning a skin in Lucky Spin depends on your Hokky friend. If you’re a Hokky, it only takes around 1000-500 tickets to get a skin, but if you’re not a Hokky, your ticket may run out, although there are up to 3000 more tickets.

Via Youtube Giveaway or in other social media

You can also get the skin through a giveaway event on the Mobile Legends Gaming YouTube channel. YouTubers from Mobile Legends Gaming usually give away a giveaway in the form of skins or diamonds. Use this give-away event, if you are lucky, the give-away party will send the skin immediately via your mobile Legends ID. And masriss never got a skin from this give-away event wkwkwkwkw.

That’s a brief description of the How To Get Skins Without Using Diamonds article for those of you who don’t want to spend a penny to buy skins. You can try the above method, good luck.

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