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Title: How to Get a Mobile Legends Game Title Ranking Score
Link: How to Get a Mobile Legends Game Title Ranking Score

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How to Get a Mobile Legends Game Title Ranking Score

How to Get a Mobile Legends Game Title Ranking Score

The ranking title is the status or title level of the hero used, whereby each hero we use receives a reduced number of points or a higher number of points based on the results of matches in the ranking mode. The level is based on the location where the player is playing the Mobile Legends game, namely the district level. , City, province and country. So from the title function we can see the level of heroes that we are using in the region or in the place where we are. The ranking title is also very different from the rankings known as Top Local and Top Global Rankings.

As in the ranked mode, we know the levels that include players, namely Warriors, Elite, Masters, Grand Masters, Epic, Legend and Mhytic, which of course you already know from these levels; in the ranked title we also receive a status or title in the form of a badge or Symbols, what we can see above in the name of the hero upon entering the game is that when we see the symbol or badge according to the level, namely beginner, junior, senior and colonel, the address and number of the player who is using it , is displayed. , the administrator will explain in more detail below.

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    What is the significance of the ranking title?

    It doesn’t matter, but the title ranking can be used as a reference to see how pro we are or what opponents we will face against the heroes they deploy. What are the ranks?

    • Beginner is the lowest level in the ranking title that covers the district area with the required score, which is the lowest score up to 3000 scores.
    • Junior is a level in the urban area, the required number of points is 3000 to 3500 points.
    • Senior is a level in the province, the required score is 3500 to 3600.
    • Highest is the highest level, namely in the national territory or the top 10, which requires a score above 3700.
    How to view title ranking and score

    How to Get a Mobile Legends Game Title Ranking Score
    • Open the Mobile Legends game.
    • Tap the menu Leaderboard below, then select the option Street.
    • Each hero rank and title score is different, to find out tap the hero avatar and pick a new hero.
    This is how you get a score
    • After getting the title of any hero or hero you own, you will receive a capital of 500 points.
    • The capital points you get can be increased if the hero you used wins the game in ranked mode and reaches up to 25 points, a reduction of 3 points
    • Other matches than the ranked mode, namely in Classic and Brawl mode etc. have no influence on the addition or subtraction of scores.

    So as you get a score above, our chances are greater if we play Ranked mode a lot and win, Ranked titles can also create a breath of fresh air for players who are just starting out to play Mobile Legands games that are getting harder and harder to come by are an opportunity to attract top global and top local players.

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