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How to get a lot of Battle Points in Mobile Legends

How to get a lot of Battle Points in Mobile Legends – Battle Points or can also be interpreted as Battle Points are one of the currencies in Mobile Legends with which we can buy items for combat purposes, such as: hero and chest fragment. But unfortunately, collecting battle points is not easy, because as we know that battle points are only awarded once we have finished the battle, the amount is very small even then. And of course those of you who are newbies playing ML will really need this point to buy heroes so you can play in ranked mode. Because the absolute requirement to be able to play in ranked mode, you have to have 5 heroes and have reached level 8.

Therefore, the admin is taking this opportunity to offer a quick way to get Battle Points in Mobile Legends. To be able to buy different types of your favorite heroes. Below, the admin has summarized the quick steps to get lots of Battle Points in Mobile Legends that you can practice right away.

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How to get a lot of Battle Points in Mobile Legends

1. Follow the tutorial until it’s done

This first trick is especially for beginners, there are 3 basic tutorials that you need to complete, namely basic tutorials, hands-on tutorials, and jungle tutorials. You will receive a ton of bonus battle points for every completed tutorial. You can follow the tutorial by logging in Preparation> then choose Tutorial menu. You will receive 5000 BP for Tutorial Jangel Battle Points.

2. Log in every 2 hours

There are 2 mystery box chests that contain various items including battle points and experience points. You can open this mysterious chest every 2 hours and the golden one every day.

3. Win in every battle

Try to win in every fight in the arena. Team cohesion is the key to winning a fight. If you win, you will also receive a lot of bonus battle points in addition to your ranking. In addition, you can get the MVP battle grade, it will be faster to open the golden mystery box.

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4. Obtained combat quality MVP

The MVP title is the best placement on a team. If you can achieve the MVP title in every battle, more points will be awarded.

5. Achieve success

Mobile Legends gives you quite a lot of Bonus Battle Points when you achieve achievements. There are many achievements that you can get including Epic Comback, Champion Style, King Midas, Rising Star, and many others.

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Well, that’s how you quickly get a lot of battle points in Mobile Legends, which the admin can help in his own experience. Hopefully this review is useful and can add to your knowledge.

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