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How to get the Aeisr memorial in Ragnarok Mobile - Eternal Love

The Aeisr memorial in Ragnarok Mobile is an important thing. Because if we don’t have an Aeisr Monument, we can’t improve the performance of the character we’re building to be as GG as possible. The Aeisr memorial allows us to improve stats and skills and unlock some special skills such as: B. the high priest teleportation. Needless to say, here’s How To Get Aeisr Monument In Ragnarok Mobile – Eternal Love.

In the first phase you must have joined a guild.

Entering Guild hall. visit NPC Orloum Varkyrie which is in the room on the left.

You get 4 quests,

  • Trial of anger
  • Test of greed
  • Trial of jealousy
  • Test of indifference

In each of the quests above, you will be asked to answer questions, and below are the answers:

  • Trial of Anger Choose “Rest and Think”.
  • Test of Greed Select “Open One”.
  • Test of Jealousy Select ‘Work Hard’.
  • Test of Indifference Choose ‘Do your best’.

After completing these 4 quests you will be given quest2x tracks that are easy to follow.

If that’s all, congratulations on receiving the Aeisr monument.

The next step is to activate the stat or skill bonuses contained in the Aeisr Monument. You need a gold medal and a contribution medal. You can get both of these things through donations for guild dues.

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