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How to Find Materials and LifeAfter Manor Level Upgrade Guide - PlayGames-en | Games | Android | iOS | Pc

Maybe there are still some of you who don’t know how to upgrade or upgrade the manor (house) in the LifeAfter game. Don’t worry, this time you are in the right place because in this article I will guide you on upgrading the mansion.

LifeAfter Game Manor Upgrade Guide

What are the benefits of our mansion upgrading or using the mansion upgrades? Using them is very important in this game, without upgrading your mansion, you will not get weapon, armor and building recipes and most importantly you will not be able to increase the character’s skill level to a higher level.

Mansion plaque

So what does it take to upgrade the LifeAfter Estate? First of all, your three skill levels (crafting, fighting and gathering) have met the requirements, for example to upgrade a level 2 manor, each skill level requirement must be level 5 for the manor level 3 Skill level requirements must be level 12.

Three character-level skills in the LifeAfter game

The second condition is; have materials to enhance the mansion, such as wooden boards, wood and stones. To upgrade to Manor Level 2, you need the materials wooden board (5), wood (400) and stone (200).

How to get stones
How do I get wood and twigs?

How do you get the materials, brother? All materials are in the house area or on the exit card (autumn forest). Wood that you can collect from trees and stone that is extracted from boulders.

There is a mansion upgrade material that needs to be made, which is wood board, this material is made of wood and twigs, twig is obtained by felling trees that you get by felling trees other than wood, there is twig, honey etc

If all of the above requirements are met, go straight to the Manor upgrade tool (see picture).

There are several options there, choose Upgrade Manor. After successfully upgrading there are many recipes that will be unlocked including making new clothes / armor, uzi weapons, machetes, etc. Okay so this is the guide on how to upgrade the mansion level in the LifeAfter game. Hopefully it can help those of you confused to upgrade the mansion level.

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