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How to fight and counter Leomord Mobile Legends as a hero

How to fight and counter Leomord Mobile Legends as a hero

Cecepkocep – Leomord is one of the fighters in Mobile Legends Bang Bang, a fighter whose almost all skills have a slow effect. This ability will of course make it difficult for the enemy to escape his pursuit.

Plus, Leomord also has a very thick defense when he is on his horse. This will of course make it very strong to become one with any hero, especially in the late game. Plus, thanks to its passive ability, it can also cause tremendous damage.

In this article I will now share my experiences on how to meet Leomord and his heroes. Curious about what? Let’s watch the discussion below.

How to counter Leomord Mobile Legends

If we are careful, almost all Leomord skills will slowly affect the target. Only passive skills and skill 2 driving modes do not give Slow Eek. This, of course, makes it difficult to escape the target, except with a splash or flicker skill. Of course, this also makes Leomord very strong for individual or team fights.

What we then need to know about Leomord is his ultimate ability. The ultimate skill is the main skill for Leomord to switch to driving mode to acquire new skills. Without the ultimate, Leomord is very weak. Because when he gets into riding his movement speed, physical and magical defense will increase. That, of course, would make him quite barbaric and be able to pursue his dying goal. Also read: Build Items Leomord Mobile Legends The Sickest

Another thing to watch out for from Leomord is his passive ability, which can deal critical damage when the target’s blood is less than 30%. That’s why we shouldn’t dare fight Leomord when we’re in the blood now, especially when he’s in riding mode. In addition, his basic attack in driving mode is also a circular area, so he can also do mass damage.

The ultimate skill is Leomord’s main strength, but it turns out that this skill has weaknesses too, including its relatively long cooldown. To make up for this weakness, Leomord users will definitely purchase cooldown reduction items, such as: Normally, Leomord users will not play aggressively until the Bloodlust Ax and Endless Battle items are finished. Without these two items, Leomord is still not that strong.

Because of this, we often see Leomord users playing solo lanes above or below. Because it will come in really handy when it’s late in the game when almost all of the items are ready. Your tasks in the early to mid-game are clearing minions, farms and, if possible, turrets. If his team is actually way ahead of gold, he’ll just play aggressively.

This way we have to keep pressing Leomord’s game at the beginning of the game so that the items he needs are not available. Do not let him farm freely, push him as early as possible. We can do it one way or another. Usually, mage heroes play aggressively at the beginning of the game, as their damage is already great. Because if we let Leomord farm freely, we will have difficulty fighting him in the late game except with a gank, he has great damage and very great stamina.

The ultimate skill can also prevent Leomord from entering riding mode if he does not encounter his horse on a trail. If he doesn’t meet his horse on his ultimate skill path, Leomord will not switch to riding mode and not acquire his new skill.

This can be used by us to prevent us from hitting the horse when the ultimate skill is issued. We can keep Leomord from his horse’s path by giving a recoil effect. This knock-back effect makes Leomord fall backwards and of course has the option of not hitting his horse. Also read: tutorial, playing and building items for Leomord Mobile Legends

Hero Counter Leomord Mobile Legends

From this we can know that one way to fight Leomord is to fight heroes who have a recoil effect, or basically to keep Leomord out of his horse’s way when he surrenders his ultimate. Here are the heroes we can use to face Leomord.

1 # Moscow

How to fight and counter Leomord Mobile Legends as a hero

The first hero we can face Leomord with is Moskov. While this hero has a very short range of fire, the advantage is that he has crowd control in the form of recoil and high attack speed. This recoil effect will stun the target if it hits a wall.

We can of course use the recoil effect that Moskov has against Leomord, although it is quite difficult. Because moskov is a very easy shooter to kill and the most difficult thing is its positioning. But we can position ourselves with the first ability. Then you also need more of the team tanker so that it is not killed so easily.

If it doesn’t go into drive mode, we can attack Leomord very freely. In addition, Moskov has a high attack speed and also very large burst damage. Moskov’s level of difficulty in defeating Leomord is around 80%.

2 # Chou

How to fight and counter Leomord Mobile Legends as a hero

Chou is still the best locker hero in Mobile Legends right now. Besides the ability to lock enemies, it also has an immune effect that makes it very difficult to pick up. The combination of Skill 2 and Skill 1 also makes it very agile. He can also be a hero protecting his team’s carry heroes so they can’t cause harm.

We can also use Chou to defeat Leomord. He can deter Leomord from his horse’s path by using his ultimate ability to knock back. If it doesn’t come to riding, we can beat it with our team. You can also use a build item attack with Chou itself.

I think Chou is the most effective hero in preventing Leomord from going into driving mode. On top of that, we also don’t have to worry about getting any closer to him as Chou has quite a large defense, especially when using a defense or fighter build item. In addition, this hero is very easy to use. Also Read: Top 5 Mobile Legends Season 12 Fighters That You Should Try To Rank Up

3 # Akai

This tanker is still widely used despite the appearance of new tank heroes. In addition to having high stamina, Akai has the ability to use his third ability to isolate an enemy hero. The target will be stunned if pressed against the tower or wall.

Of course, Akai’s ability can be used to keep Leomord off his horse’s path. We can push Leomord into a wall or a tower and then move our teammates together to form a group.

4 # Diggie

Diggie is a very effective hero for counteracting Leomord. I explained earlier that almost all Leomord skills have a slow effect. This effect is now not applied to Diggie. Because Diggie has the ultimate ability to release control of the crowd for a few seconds.

With Leomord riding a horse, try to get our teammates close to Diggie and then show their ultimate skills. Then Diggie can use skills 1 and 2 to slow Leomord down and let our carrying hero take care of her.

5 # Nana

Nana is also a support heroine like Diggie, where she can also be a heroine against Leomord. Nana can turn Leomord into a little fox and will experience the morph effect for a few seconds. He cannot cast any skills while this effect is in effect.

In fact, this method is less effective for late-night games, especially when they have to be stand-alone. That will be very helpful, at least in a war position. Try our team’s carry hero to be really good at turning things around.

This is how you fight and counter Leomord Mobile Legends heroes. Don’t forget to check out Cecepkocep’s blog for the latest articles.