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Title: How to enter the Hago game chat room
Link: How to enter the Hago game chat room

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How to enter the Hago game chat room

How to enter the Hago game chat room

Hago is an application that has online games that has many social functions for its users, recently updated the latest feature of Hago game that users will use right away, which is the feature Chat roomwhere we can chat and chat in this function to channel our talents and experiences in a space that is like the function of social application to add as many friends as possible.

All Hago players can use the chat room feature service without exception, there are many chat rooms that were created by Hago users, for example on the subject of “Singing, chatting, getting to know each other, matching and making friends”. As Hago users we can create our own chat rooms and join many other friends in the chat room, besides chatting we can send emojis and gifts to chat friends. Still confused about how to join the chat room in Hago game? You can listen to my tutorial below:

How to enter the Hago game chat room
  • What is certain is that you must have the Hago game. If you don’t have it, you can download it for free from the Google Playstore, or if you already have it but don’t have a “chat room” function, you can update to the latest version.
  • Open the Hago game and select the menu “CHAT ROOM“.
  • Choose one of the existing chat rooms, for example what are your goals for joining? If you want to show your voice you can go to the “Sing” room or if you want to get to know the “Chat” and “Friends” rooms.
  • After you have selected and entered the chat room, which consists of many users, you can chat with the hope of the leader or even be called at your convenience host can add you to the chat room Specialnamely 8 players with 1 host, usually marked with a yellow circle or a home icon.
  • To join and enter a special chat room, wait for the host to open the picture of the lock or key and press the sign plus (+).
  • To leave a specific chat room, tap your photo and select Go out.

So many articles from me on how to join the Hago Game Chat Room hopefully it will be useful, thank you and if you have any questions or maybe something is not understood feel free to comment in the space provided.

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