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Title: How to edit the raw background without Hero Mobile Legends
Link: How to edit the raw background without Hero Mobile Legends

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How to edit the raw background without Hero Mobile Legends

This time the admin will create an article by giving a different grade than usual. In the previous article the admin often gives tricks and tips and tutorials on different games, especially games on Hp or Smartphone, now the admin will try to create an article about Raw Image Background Game Mobile Legends.

Finally, based on the edits made by gamer friends that are widely used in cyberspace, I am also interested in editing images of hero characters in the Mobile Legends game, one of which changes the hero character in the Mobile Legends game demo menu, so I was confused as we were Wanted to give the title of this article, essentially this article is not about the game, but rather the tutorial on how to edit images in the Mobile Legends game.

To create a raw image, the admin just takes quick screenshots of the screen, if the hero didn’t show up for the demo, then for the admin editor process using the PicSay application, a photo editor application, and the eraser Application that is an application for deleting images in specific parts. With the help of these two applications, the administrator finally succeeded in creating raw images, the results of which can again be processed into images that we want as good and creative as possible.

    How to edit the raw background without Hero Mobile Legends

    The raw image I am referring to is an image with no hero character, which means that we’re just taking the background. If the hero is not there, we can fill it with any character picture or your own photo with the background removed. How to remove the background of a photo or picture on Android, after that you can combine photos or pictures without a background with the PicSay application. The administrator explains the method below.

    • First, take a raw picture by taking a screenshot as soon as possible before the hero comes out for a demo.
    • What is certain is that the PicSay application must be installed on your favorite Android. If you don’t have it, you can download it from the Google Playstore.
    • Open the PicSay app and tap Get a picture, select Gallery and choose the wallpaper without the hero. Oh almost forgot, you can take and use the picture without the hero above.
    • Select menu insert Picture and select the photo or picture whose background you deleted earlier Tick.
    • Position the picture like the hero in the Mobile Legends game if it’s right.
    • If you want to give a name or title character, you can imitate the original by using the font San Sarif with Fill color 90% how to choose the menu sticker then title, select the writing model in the lower right corner.
    • You can add the skin texture to any of your photos, the important thing is that the characters are the same and that the process is like the one above.

    That is the article on how to edit the background without heroes in mobile legends

    This is an article on how to edit a raw background without Hero Mobile Legends this time. Hopefully it can benefit all of you. Well, see you in another article post.

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