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How to delete old WhatsApp messages sent – Wrong message in WA? Don’t worry, you can easily delete sent WhatsApp messages. Whether old or new ordered, everything can be taken back quickly.

Whatsapp is one of the fastest and most convenient text-based social media out there. His presence has managed to postpone the SMS function because it is faster and saves quotas and credit.

We can interact freely with Whatsapp. We can create groups like Facebook and share pictures or videos like Instagram.

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But have you ever sent a fake message on WhatsApp that forced you to delete the message? Of course, it’s not an easy thing for ordinary people to do. Even though it is very easy to delete a WhatsApp message that has been sent for a long time, you know!

How to delete incorrectly sent WhatsApp messages

  1. Find the message that you want to delete.
  2. When you find the message, press the message within a few seconds.
  3. Tap the shaped icon Garbage can that’s in the top right corner.
  4. Click option Delete for everyone if the message is new. And click Delete for me if the option is not available to everyone.
  5. When the message is successfully deleted, the message disappears or leaves a trail with a notification You have deleted this message.

How to delete WA messages

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This method is also useful for deleting dirty messages sent by friends. So that the content of your conversation becomes better.

So the article on how to easily delete WhatsApp messages that have been sent for a long time. Hopefully this article will be successful and useful to the readers. Thank you and see you next article.

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