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How to Delete Mobile Legends Account on Android and Iphone

How to Delete Mobile Legends Account on Android and Iphone – On this occasion, the admin again reviews the currently popular game, namely Mobile Legends or which is often shortened by the players (ML). Mobile Legends is an online game linked to a Facebook or Gmail account. The purpose of this link is to store game data so that if you switch phones, you will continue to use the old game data with the same level and rank if you log in with the FB or Gmail account you registered.

However, many players would like to play 2 different Mobile Legends accounts in one mobile phone. Or want to repeat the game from the initial level. This is of course very possible. But many gamers are confused about how to delete an existing Mobile Legends account. Because deleting an ML account is a little different from other online games. The administrator’s own experience after several attempts to delete Mobile Legends game data via the smartphone settings, still nothing other than log in with the old account, although all data and the cache have been deleted. Perhaps those of you reading this article have experienced it too.

Therefore, in this article, the administrator tries to provide tips and tricks for those of you who want to delete a Mobile Legends account and replace it with a new one. You can practice this tutorial on Android and Iphone smartphones. Okay, here are the easy steps.

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How to Delete Mobile Legends Account on Android and Iphone

1. First, enter the Mobile Legends game, then tap Profile information.

2. Next in the Info area base Select account.

3. The account information associated with the Mobile Legends game will then be displayed. In this case, I’m only linking to a Gmail account. To unlink, please select Bind account then choose Unbind Google Play.

4. A notification will appear “It becomes dangerous when you release your account. Continue?” then just choose Keep going.

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5. Please wait for the process to complete, wait until there really isn’t a single account linked like the following SS:

6. When the unbinding process is complete, please exit the Mobile Legend game. Enter Settings> App Manager / Installed Apps> seek Mobile Legends> Clear Data and Cache.

7. Then search for the application Google Play Games> Clear data and cache.

8. Then search for apps Google Play Services> Clear Data and Cache.

9. The next process is to uninstall the Mobile Legends game and then reinstall the Mobile Legends game through Google Play. Complete. Then start the Mobile Legends game from the beginning by filling in the name and tutorial.

Remarks: But remember, if you want to start the game from scratch, you’ll need to provision a new Gmail on your Android or iPhone.

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Well, if your Mobile Legends is also linked to a Facebook account. Then perform unbind as in step # 3 above. If you then use the Facebook application on your mobile phone, the Facebook application also needs to delete its data and cache it via settings like step 6 above.

If you want to use the same FB account but want to start the game from scratch, you can log into Facebook with a PC, go to Facebook Settings> Applications> Delete Mobile Legends Account on Facebook.

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Well that’s the rating How to Delete Mobile Legends Account on Android and Iphone. If something is still unclear, please ask the admin via the comment column. The admin will be happy to provide clarification as long as the admin knows. Hopefully this review is useful and can add to your knowledge. Much luck!

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