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Title: How To Cheat On World Boxing Club Without Root
Link: How To Cheat On The World Boxing Club Without Root

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How To Cheat On World Boxing Club Without Root

How To Cheat On World Boxing Club Without Root

The World Boxing Club game is a martial arts genre game developed by Enjoysport that you can download from the Google Playstore for Android devices. This game is not only free, but can also be played offline or without internet data. Games to win boxing rankings or world championship rankings with a large selection of player characters from different major countries around the world can make the WBC game more exciting and challenging Game is easy with a match competition mode or match competition.

When we first open the game we get free boxers or standard boxers whose strength is below the average of other boxers, after all we accept one defeat after another and boxing gloves. However, all of this requires sufficient virtual money in the WBC game. At the beginning of the game it is impossible for us to buy these items directly before we have virtual money or coins out of the game, also items from expensive games plus these items are still locked and will be unlocked when the boxer level increases.

How to cheat world boxing club game without root.
How To Cheat On World Boxing Club Without Root
  • If you don’t have the World Boxing Club game, just go to the Google Playstore.
  • Download the file manager of the X-plore application from the Google Playstore or similar applications that support reading different file formats. For example, use the X-plore application for the administrator himself, as it not only supports different file formats, but is also multifunctional.
  • Open the World Boxing Club game to find out the rank and the last amount of virtual money or coins, take notes or just remember them.
  • Open the X-plore application, go to the sd card or sdcard file to get the Save.Json file how to do it SD card or SD card> Android> Data>> Files> Save.Json
  • Tap and hold the Save.Json file until you see a menu option and select Open from.
  • Then the menu reappears Open as and choose text.
  • After the text is open you can read it first or just go to the text editing step, pick and select the three dot icon in the top right corner edit text.

    How to defraud the world boxing club without root
    1. ClubLv is filled with the number 20 as the maximum level is only up to 20.
    2. skScore ranking order, you can replace it with the desired rank.
    3. Count is the amount of your virtual money in the World Boxing Club game, it is up to you to change the number to a maximum of 7 digits, for example 9999999.
    4. To block or unlock players and available items, change the word “false” to “true”.
    5. When you have finished editing the text, press the three-dot icon in the upper right corner and to save.
    6. From the above steps, the amount of virtual money or coins in the World Boxing (WBC) game has increased. If you run out of game, you can repeat the above method.

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