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How to deactivate the battery saving mode on Xiaomi (all series) – Yellow battery because the power saver is still running? Relax, this is how you deactivate the energy saving mode of Xiaomi on MIUI 10. Guaranteed not complicated!

As one of the best-selling smartphone brands in 2021, Xiaomi presents MIUI 10 with very cool features. In addition to the boosting function, which can be used to optimize smartphone performance in terms of gaming, Xiaomi also embeds an instant power save mode function.

Although most Xiaomi smartphones have a sufficiently large battery, namely 4000 mAh, if you use it continuously for gaming it will also be empty. If the battery level is below 19%, you can reduce the smartphone’s performance using the energy-saving function. This feature also makes the battery charge faster.

But not infrequently there are still many Xiaomi users who are confused about how to switch off this energy-saving mode. While this power saving mode is useful, it can be especially bad when gaming.

But you don’t have to be confused, you can simply turn off Xiaomi’s power saving mode. This tutorial applies to all Xiaomi smartphones, especially those using MIUI 10.

How to turn off power saving mode on Xiaomi phones

1. Make sure that the smartphone is not connected to the charging cable.
2. Open tool then choose safety.
3. Select the menu with the symbol from the existing menu battery.

Select Security and then Battery

4. The application performs the detection automatically. When you’re done, choose Optimize manually.

Optimize manually

5. Select the menu Battery saving mode like the picture below.

Select the battery saving mode

6. If so, please turn off Battery saving option.

Deactivate energy saving mode

As I said before, this method works for all Xiaomi smartphones, including the latest or old phones. I tried it myself on Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 and Xiaomi Redmi Note 7. But I can confirm that all Xiaomi phones can also use this method.

How to turn off power saving mode on a Xiaomi phone. Hopefully this tutorial will be successful and useful for all readers. See you in the next article.

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