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How to create a squad in Mobile Legends

How to create a squad in Mobile Legends – In the Mobile Legends game, you can create a squad / clan to form a solid team. The mandatory requirement for your account to be able to create a squad is that you have reached level 20 and 199 diamonds are required. There is no limit to ranking itself, division warrior can even form a squad. A squad in Mobile Legends can only have 9 members, including the leader. Then what are the functions and benefits of a cadre? Of course, you can form a compact team to deploy your account in ranked mode to hunt down Mobile Legends top division. Because, as we know, it is not uncommon to find a team of noobs who are less compact when playing solo in ranked mode. Certainly you get very annoyed if you have tried to increase the division and then suddenly lose because the team is less compact or even less AFK during the battle.

Well, for those of you who want to create a squad in Mobile Legends, the admin will take this opportunity to share experiences on creating a squad / clan in Mobile Legends that you can use for reference. The administrator indicates the steps clearly and with pictures so that they are easy to understand for all readers. Here’s how to create a roster in Mobile Legends.

How to create a squad in Mobile Legends

2. Next, after the conditions are met, go ahead, select the menu Squad on the Mobile Legends homepage.

3. Then select Menu Create a roster then there is a column for Cadre name, Short name, Squad info as well as Representative region.

Please fill in Cadre name (maximum 16 characters). Team abbreviation namely for the abbreviated name of your squad, the admin recommends using an abbreviated name with only 3 or 2 letters as this abbreviated name is included in the squad member’s Mobile Legends account nickname. Then enter Squad info namely to give a brief description of your squad. Last selection Representative region or flags, but it should be noted that once a squad has been created, this flag cannot be changed.

4. When everything is filled in, please select To the. Then a pop-up note will appear, just choose OK.

5. Done, then your squad has been successfully created.

After your squad is ready, you can manage the squad for member admission requirements, remove inactive members, etc.

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This is the admin experience for creating a squad in Mobile Legends. Hopefully this article is useful and can add to your knowledge. Much luck!.

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