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How to Create MP3 Music Status on WhatsApp Without Application – Do you want to do a WA story so that there is a song? Here’s how you can easily set MP3 music status on WhatsApp. As the best chat application with most of the users, WhatsApp presents a simple appearance with a light green base color that is pleasing to the eye.

Like an application today, Whatsapp continues to grow and has tons of cool features that you need to try out. In addition to the impressive offline chat function, you can also try out the currently trending story or WhatsApp status function.

As with the Facebook and Instagram applications, WhatsApp also allows you to upload various stories and statuses for the public to view. In addition to uploading texts, pictures and videos, you can also upload a variety of music songs that you like.

How to easily create an MP3 status on WA

How to create music status on WhatsApp

Here is a simple tutorial to try if you want to upload the music status to the WhatsApp application:

  • Please play the music you like. Use whatever music player application you have
  • Pause the music
  • Then open the Whatsapp application
  • Tap the menu status and tap the button camera in the lower right corner

WhatsApp music status

  • Restart the song you played earlier
  • Press the button circle to record the song you chose
  • Wait for it to finish and tap Submit to upload it

WhatsApp song status

Simple, isn’t it?

The last word

Here’s how you can easily create MP3 music status on WhatsApp. By following the above tutorial, you can safely upload different songs to WA application that you like.

Last updated: June 28, 2021
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