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Title: How to change the picture quality to HD on Android
Link: How to Change Image Quality to HD on Android

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How to change the picture quality to HD on Android

How to change the picture quality to HD on Android

Important moments and the best memories with family or close friends can be captured in addition to videos as photos or images – maybe almost everyone uses it, for example Facebook and Instagram.

But sometimes we find that some photos we want to upload are less attractive or still have poor image quality and eventually look broken and blurry, so before we upload the photo or image, it is a good idea to go through the editing process must be done first so the photo or image needs to be edited. The picture looks more attractive and beautiful

There are several different image formats that we often come across such as Jpg, PNG, JPEG, etc. The image quality depends on the resolution of each image. The image is said to be HD (High Devinition) if it has a resolution of. has 1280×720 and higher.

The causes of poor quality images are:

  • Because the quality of the camera used to take photos is not good.
  • The image has a low resolution. So when we look at photos from a mobile phone or computer at a higher resolution, it looks broken and blurry.
  • The image went through the previous editing process, which was cutting or the image was cropped.

For example, photos or images with a resolution of 854 x 480 or less, if you view the photo or image on a computer or mobile phone with a resolution higher than that, for example 1280 x 720, it will look broken and will no longer look in HD out to HD on Android is very easy, we just have to change the resolution of the photo or image using an application or photo editing tool that is widely available on the Google Playstore, including the PicSay application.

Why did the administrator choose the PicSay application for the editing process? According to the personal administrator, the PicSay application is the best and most complete photo or picture editing application on Android, one of which changes the picture quality to HD. What are the steps You can see below.

How to change the picture quality to HD on Android

  • If you don’t already have the app, PicSay You can download it from the Google Playstore.
  • Open the PicSay app and Get a picture to select the image whose resolution you want to change.
  • When you have determined the image, select the option Adjust then change size.
  • Check to keep proportions so that the size of the resolution can adapt itself and not change the original image.
  • Adjust size or Change the image size to the resolution you want.
  • When you’re done, choose Fast fit

By changing the resolution of a photo or image that previously looked broken and blurry, it will look in HD and can be uploaded to social media.

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