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How to change Moonton MLBB Mobile Legend account suspended

How to change a suspended Mobile Legends account

Content of the article contribution:

  1. How to overcome Mobile Legends accounts being locked out so you cannot log in / enter MLBB
  2. Sign out or quit the Mobile Legend game and delete the MLBB game application on the mobile phone
  3. Reinstall Mobile Legend Bang-Bang / MLBB APK from the Google Play Store / App Store
  4. Sign in or login to MLBB and create a new MLBB account ID on Android / iPhone HP
  5. Don’t use Mobile Legend cheats to avoid permanent bans – Your Mobile Legends Bang-Bang or MLBB account has been blocked by Moonton?

The ML account that has been banned by moonton is usually the account that has played a game that is deemed invalid or not in accordance with the rules for playing the Mobile Legends game. Usually the account is banned for cheating in the gaming area and being used like rank.

The use of cheats in Mobile Legend is a huge violation as it is not within the rules of the game.

If you are permanently banned, you will no longer be able to use the account on any cell phone you have. So you will no longer be able to open and play MLBB games on your current mobile phone.

How To Solve Mobile Legend Account Banned Moonton

To overcome the permanently banned account here, one of the things you need to do is create a new Mobile Legend account by logging into the game with a new account. This is a way to reopen and play the Legend Mobile Game.

To create a new Mobile Legends account, you usually have to delete the Mobile Legends account completely or go to the roots so that the Mobile Legends data is really clean and there is no longer any data with Mobile Legends files.

Then you can reinstall the Mobile Legends game on the google playstore for android cellphone users like Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, Lenovo, Asus, Realme, Infinite and other Android phones. And you can install it on the App Store for you iPhone users (iOS) and Apple’s iPads.

Once you have the Mobile Legends APK installed, you can click on your MLBB application then normally create your ML account name so that you will automatically get a new Mobile Legend account ID as well.

You start all over again from level 1 and do not use any illegal programs such as cheats in your Mobile Legends game, keep your account stable and play fair and clean and cheats that can harm you as if banned.

Link or connect the Mobile Legends account to the latest Facebook, VK, Google Play Games and Moonton accounts

The next step If you have successfully created a Mobile Legends account on your mobile phone, you can now use social media accounts like Facebook (FB), VK, Google Play Games (for Android HP users), Game Center (for HP users ). iPhone [iOS] ) and Moonton accounts.

Make sure to connect to a new account to avoid things you don’t want, you can also get a new Facebook account, a new VK account, a new Google Playgames account with a new email and register a new password.

Do not use any cheats or illegal programs that are prohibited by Moonton / MLBB

To ensure that your MLBB account remains permanent and is not banned or penalized by Moonton Mobile Legends, do not use any cheats or illegal programs or third-party applications that are prohibited by Moonton Mobile Legends.

Not only do cheats harm you and cause your Cell Phone Legend Bang-Bang account to be banned, but cheats can also make your cell phone work hard because you are running the program in the Mobile Legend game at the same time.

If your HP specs are potato, your phone will heat up faster than usual; if your Android / iPhone phone is heating up quickly, your phone battery will be more wasteful or drain faster.

Furthermore, if the cheat contains a virus that harms your cellphone, you could possibly cause the loss of your personal data or spy on your cellphone activity from the cheat maker.

This is information on how to deal with a Mobile Legends account that has been blocked by Moonton Mobile Legend Bang-Bang. Hopefully with a new account you can log into your MLBB account and play cleanly without using any cheats.

I hope this information can help you, Gbu 🙂

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