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How to Become a Good Offlaner Hero in Mobile Legends

In the Mobile Legends game, role heroes are divided into 4, namely Sidelaner / Offlaner, Midlaner, Jungler and Roamer. So this time we’re going to focus on Sidelaners.

Maybe you played with the Offlaner hero, right? But do you believe it or not that offlaner is the single most important factor in winning a game?

Believe it or not, this is the most reasonable reason to believe that Offlaner is very important and can be a crucial factor in victory in mobile legends.

The reason why Hero Offlaner will be decisive for the victory

1. Tower guard / tower

The tower is the main objective to win a game in mobile legends. Of course, in order to win the match in Ranked or Classic mode, you really have to keep the tower and destroy the opponent’s tower who is near you, right?

2. pusher

If you manage to hold the tower very well, it is a good idea to split push against your opponent’s tower. This is aimed at reducing the opponent’s range and you will be freer in their jungle and support the team engaged in a team fight.

3. Backup team

If our friends want to fight a team fight, we, as offlanners, have to be willing to support our friends. So that during the war you can get enough damage from your opponent for your friends to do great damage to the opponents around you.

If we know the reason Offlaner affects victory in mobile legends a lot. Next, you will find tips on how to become a master of all Offlaner heroes.

Tips to become a master of all Hero Offlaner Mobile Legends

1. Look at the map

If we pay attention to the map, we will know better about the position of the enemy who has suddenly disappeared from the lane. So that you avoid ganking your opponent so that you don’t get killed and giving gold points to opponents you kill.

2. Understand all hero skills

Of course, you need to know every skill that all heroes have, be it your team or your opponent. That way, you’ll know when to retreat and when to move forward to attack opponents who have no skills or combat spells.

3. Memorize cooldown combat spells

If you become an offlaner, the enemy will definitely use Spell Flicker or Purify. Now you need to understand what second they use combat spells and when their spells can be reused. In this case, you will be more courageous to attack the opponent’s hero who is alone.

4. Use the bush in ganking

If you are close to an enemy buttoning you, it is better if you go into the bush to escape. Why did you go into the bush? Yes, this is aimed at eliminating the auto aim skill for the opponent’s hero skill. However, this does not affect heroes with characters like Brody and Wanwan.

That is the explanation of how to become a Hero Offlaner in Mobile Legends. You can understand and practice this by using the Offlaner hero role. Be it an assassin, magician or fighter.

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