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Hero Offlane R7 Hard to Die Rain Teros! – The recommended build for Uranus is the sickest 2021 with the strongest item that cannot die. Rain’s blood still tastes like a tanker!

Mobile Legends is still the most popular MOBA game in Southeast Asia, especially Indonesia, until 2021. Featuring the 5v5 teamfight genre, this game features intense action-action that is very difficult to leave.

In this game you can choose any role you want. If you have the soul of a leader, tanks are your best bet. If you are an initiator, Fighter and Magician is the best answer. If you’re an executor, assassins and snipers are the right choices. But if you want to stay behind, support is who you really are.

Finding Mabar friends is of course not difficult. Wherever you are, you can find people playing Mobile Legends games. It’s not difficult to find Mabar friends, just not a newbie, you can join mabar in any squad.

There is one important note, however. To be a pro, you shouldn’t be a burden on the team. You still have to master all of the roles available in Mobile Legends, namely tanks, fighters, assassins, mages, snipers and supporters.

Build Uranus Sick 2021

Build Uranus Sick 2021

One of the strongest heroes in the Land of Down is Uranus. Uranus himself is a mage hero as well as a just released tank that is currently the most widely used in the rank.

This hero, who has been banned many times since Mobile Legends opened, is very famous for having very painful damage and shields, so the dominance during the war is very high. Nevertheless, Uranus is very susceptible to archer heroes who, through their basic attacks, cause an effect or skill damage per second like Hanabi, Miya and Layla.

Warrior boots

Warrior boots

This shoe increases physical defense for each basic attack received by 5 for 25 seconds, capped at 25 for 3 seconds. You also get an extra 22 physical defense. And of course, you also get an extra +40 movement speed to make your movements smoother.

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Enchanted talisman

Enchanted talisman

If you’re using a hero who needs a lot of mana but can’t get a blue buff, this item is the answer. Enchanted Talisman can regenerate 15% of the total mana you have, and the cooldown can only be 10 seconds. This item will help you spam hero skills especially if you are using mage or support.

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Brute force breastplate

Brute force breastplate

This item isn’t just about defense, Brute Force Chestplate gives you 3% movement speed accompanied by additional physical and magical defense that lasts 4 seconds and can be stacked up to 5 times.



This is a really mandatory item to counter opponents that have huge magical damage. In addition, it can also be used to increase shields and HP regeneration so you can survive in the middle of war.

Antique cuirass

Antique cuirass

The effect often used by this item is to counter the simple hyper attack of a very sick enemy. This item can reduce the enemy’s physical attack and cooldown in just three seconds.

Athena’s shield

Athena's shield

If your opponent has very pathological magical damage, be sure to purchase this item. Athena’s shield can reduce magic damage done by the enemy by 25% for five seconds. If the blood is less than 10%, you will be given an extra shield that will protect you from enemy attacks.

The sickest Uranus spell and emblem in 2021

Spells and emblems also have a huge impact on the gameplay you play. Especially during the early game as you gain bonus skills and power by using certain spells or emblems.

Good spells and emblems help Uranus’ mobility, especially when it comes to agriculture and riots in the opponent’s jungle.

Uranus magic

Needless to say, the battle spell suited for Uranus as one of the heroes in Gold Alley is Clean and flicker. You can use the “Purge” combat spell when the enemy has many crowd control heroes who can stun and slow down. However, this flicker gives Uranus the ability to move locations instantly. This works very well in combination with the ultimate Uranus, be it to run away, chase opponents or secretly take part in a team fight.

Uranus emblem

There are actually two emblems that are suitable for Uranus as a hero mage in Goldgasse, namely the support emblem with combat effects greed (in combination with mastery + recreation) and mage emblems with combat effects Magical worship (which is combined with agility + contract).

Uranus capabilities 2021

  • Passive Ability (Radiation): Uranus can absorb all enemy attacks given to it and has a regeneration effect of 3-14 HP per second. This effect can be stacked up to 20 times.
  • First ability (ion edge): Uranus releases two balls of energy that surround it and cause a slow effect on the enemy. Every time this effect hits the enemy, they will be hit by 1 stacking marker, which can increase the damage of this skill by 40%.
  • Second ability (Transcendent Protection): Ranus jumps to the specified location, creates a shield and gives the enemy a slow effect. When the skill ends, the shield amak is destroyed and exploded, dealing damage to the enemy.
  • Ultimate Ability (Consecration): Uranus releases all energy stored in his body and removes all slow effects of the enemy. Recovers 200 lost HP and increases movement speed by 60% for 8 seconds.

Against Uranus 2021

Because Counter Uranus is actually not far from a mage or marksman who has crowd control and DPS effects. In this article, I’ve recommended various heroes that are very good at countering Uranus.

Countering Uranus only takes one hero who has side effects or crowd control and DPS. The crowd control effect makes it harder to move Uranus and use the ultimate and escape the enemy. And the DPS attack will kill Uranus before he does anything.

There are many heroes who are dangerous to Uranus like Eudora, Layla, Miya, Hanabi, Uranus and many more. Still, choose Uranus in the early session to secure his position because after all, Uranus is an overwhelmed hero.

The last word

This is the article on the hard-to-die Uranus build 2021, which is great as a tank due to its powerful HP regeneration. Aside from being sick, this hero is also very fat, especially in the late game as only DPS aka Sniper can kill him.

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