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Title: Hero Mobile Legends Harley Story
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Hero Mobile Legends Harley Story

A famous young wizard named Harley lived in a magical academy called the Lion Academy in Magical City. Because of his skills, he became one of the children blessed by the Magical Goddess.

While great, kids are still kids, as are Harley and his friends who decide to go on an adventure in the middle of the night to explore the woods. In the middle of the forest, they happened to hear of the evil intentions of an evil organization called Dark Wizards.

The Dark Wizards want to dominate Magical City for personal gain. They bravely decided to put an end to it all! During the investigation, however, Harley accidentally activates the space portal and is thrown to the other side of the Land of Dawn, namely Scholar City.

There he meets the mechanic Rooney, who helps Harley return to Magical City. With the help of other friends, namely Lolita, Bruno, Alpha and Saber, they also try to return to the Magical City to destroy the core of Demorte, the leader of the Dark Wizards.

However, before returning to Magical City, Harley needs to hone his magical skills. Finally, he decided to train in the Land of Dawn first to strengthen his skills.

On the other hand, Lesley, Harley’s adoptive brother, begins to worry and learns of Harley’s whereabouts. However, that story will be in the background of Lesley’s story, which we will tell on another occasion.

Harley is a mage who relies on a combination of all his skills to inflict maximum damage on a target. Compared to other magicians, Harley is one of the magicians with the best escape mechanism that can’t be killed just like that.

With the help of Space Escape, Harley can move quickly to deal damage and then instantly go back to where he was moving. If Space Escape is still missing, you can still add flicker as a combat spell to make killing Harley even more difficult.

Harley only has one main build, this build includes all equipment that provides considerable magical power, such as: B. Blood Wings and Concentrated Energy. With this equipment, Harley will deal maximum damage even though this is a glass cannon that easily dies.

Harley’s only weakness is heroes who have more than one disability, like Nana, or heroes who have the ability to charge up so they can chase Harley moving very fast, like Zilong, Hylos, and Jawhead.

Harley’s main friends are heroes with disabilities, so they can keep enemies in one place long enough for Harley to maximize the deadly magic he has. In addition to the ability to deactivate, Harley also likes heroes, who can cause tremendous damage when Deadly Magic is activated.

When dealing with Harley, be careful of the surprise attacks that it often launches. To escape its combination of deadly magic and poker tricks, you’ll need to perform tower hugs frequently.

When you’re on a team with Harley, there are often initiations or follow-ups to do once Deadly Magic is released by Harley. With the initiation or follow-up you do it is certain that the enemy is on the same track with Harley and you will soon have a difficult and depressed life ahead of you.

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