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Title: Hero Meta Season 16 of any role (Over Power)
Link: Hero Meta Season 16 of any role (Over Power)

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Hero Meta Season 16 of any role (Over Power)

Of course, in order to advance the rank quickly, one of the factors that must be considered is the correct selection of heroes. Well, here are some of the best heroes from every role in Season 16 2021.


The first of the rolling tanks, Grock and Khufra are still from the roller tank

1. Grock

Grock is still the prima donna of the Tenkers and the best tanker as he is known to be rampaging. Amazingly, most of his abilities can be used to stir up a stir. Not only does this Grock do great damage by using Skill 1’s Anti-CC ability to stun heroes coupled with his second ability to block the enemy’s path and also his Ultimate ability which can be used to escape or hunt down enemies. Yes, it’s not surprising that Grock is still the primadona or favorite tank that you can rely on in ranked mode.

2. Chufra

The second of the curtains is khufra, one of the annoying heroes. His ability to hinder the enemy Type Blink that the main reason for using this one tank. Almost all assassins in Mobile Legends can’t take on this tough hero that the average assassin is like GS, Hayabusa and Lancelot are assassins who use Blink to hunt down their enemies. even worse Skill 2 of this tank can inhibit and stun to the enemy.

So you can rely on Grock or Kupra as a tank in season 16.


1. X.Borg

From Fighter, it turns out that X.brog is still a favorite and still an Op hero. His ability to riot in the early game is why he’s the best hero of the fighter role. This Xbrog actually a hero who depends on his abilities, where he used the ability to give Harm to his enemies, This is of course different from other fighters. Skills It has a fairly short cooldown so he can use it continuously in the early game. When the enemy wants to rampage, they can continuously use their skills to cause damage.

2. Freya

The second hero of the Fighter role is Freya, who seems to be the new favorite hero for Fighter users. The attack speed of this hero is quite fast, so the enemies hit by the combo will be flat in seconds. With the right items and controls, that one hero becomes a terrifying hero in the game.


Let’s get to the role of the assassin, here is the meta-assassin season 16

1. Natalia

The first of the assassin roles is Natalia, who has become the most annoying heroine since the Moonton rework. The ability to flee from enemy chase accompanied by the ability to disappear anytime, anywhere is why this hero is the best hero in Season 16 of Mobile Legends. Where Natalia’s ability can be used to kill any rifleman with one attack and then in the dark. In addition to the ability to shovel, Natalia also has enough ability to flee from enemy pursuit.

2nd casting

The second hero of this assassin role is Gussion, still with the highest meta burst damage, this hero is a meta hero for all seasons. From the start of its release until now, this one hero has stayed in the meta. Where players can use that one hero to kill the opponent’s carry hero in the early game. The combination of Skill 1 and 2 makes the damage very high, and worse, when used properly, Gussion players generally cannot be killed as they have the ability to blink in their ultimate skill.


The following Sagittarius role has two Sagittarius Meta-Seasons 16

1. Career

The first is Karrie. So this career is the best shooter because it can be used in all situations, this is due to its passive ability to kill enemies, especially enemies with high HP like fighters or tanks. Worse, Karrie also has two annoying skills, namely the blink and slow skills, which make it very slippery and quite difficult to hunt when used.

2. Bruno

Continue to the hero of the second role Sagittarius, the second hero of the role Sagittarius is Bruno. Unlike Grenger, who got a nerf in the previous patch, Bruno has become a meta since the makeover. The damage it does is very high coupled with its ability to increase critical damage. This hero has been the beauty of sniper users since the makeover came out. This sniper hero doesn’t require complicated controls or strategy, so it’s easier to use compared to Wanwan who has to solve 4 sides of the target.


Next comes the meta hero from Season 16 of the role mage.

1. Pharsa

The first OP hero from the role mage is still Pharsa. His ability to stun and deal damage from a safe distance makes him one of the heroes to be scared of. Since the makeover, Pharsa has become one of the all-powerful heroes in Mobile Legends, being chosen quite a lot. This hero mage also has the ability to run using his bird ability.

2. Cecilion

Starting with the next role mage, there is another magician over power, namely Cecilion. Carmila’s husband is a creepy hero who can wreak tremendous damage in the early and late game. Of course, Cecilion is different from other magicians, almost all of his skills are annoying, especially the Long Whip from his 1st ability. Cecilion is the best magician hero because of his ability. The more stacks it has, the greater the damage it does.


We step into the final role, which is the support role.

1. Nana

From the supporting role there is the most annoying heroine, Nana. They know that their skills as a whole can be used to support the team. The second skill is not only annoying but can be used in war or to see the enemy coming, skill 1 can be used to quickly clear the trail and most importantly the ultimate skill can be used to target enemies with a sufficiently large one Stun area.

2. Kaja

And the second hero from the supporting role is Kaja, with whom you can play aggressively. The ability he has is an ability to kill enemies, which player can use Kaja to catch an enemy, bring them to your friends and kill them together. This hero is perfect for those of you who play with a full roster so they can coordinate well.

Well, friends, these were the best heroes in every role of the mobile legends in season 16 of the GMLBB version.

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