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Title: Hero Assassin Aov Guide: Tips Jungle Arena of Valor
Link: Hero Assassin Aov Guide: Tips Jungle Arena of Valor

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Hero Assassin Aov Guide: Tips Jungle Arena of Valor

Assassin Has blast damage to kill heroes or clear out monsters in the forest and is great for allying enemy archers / mages with thin blood.

Assassins are typically used as junglers rather than lans in the game.

Here’s a good assassin hero who can serve as a jungler.


BF is an assassin hero who has the potential to kill all enemy heroes or can easily be a penta kill.

The secret is Butterfly’s passive ability, which instantly refreshes her abilities after the cooldown and restores 15% of her maximum HP. Butterfly is suitable as a finisher.


Kriknak is an assassin with high mobility. Kriknak can chase the enemy around quickly
ambush them.


Batman is very powerful and popular because of his ultimate ability, the Dark Knight. With this ability, he becomes invisible for 30 seconds, which makes it very easy to kill heroes like archers who don’t have a lot of defensive items.

Also, if a shield appears over the opponent’s head when Batman is around, it is very difficult to dodge Batman. So if there is a Batman on the opposing team, you need to maintain your position so as not to be sidelined.


Nakroth has very high mobility as it gains skills that make it easy to run away or chase enemies. He can easily get on and off in team fights.


Raz is one of the few melee hero mages.

Because he can be a jungler or a midlaner. Raz’s second ability, Power Surge, can prevent enemies from approaching him in a duel, but he can also use it to quickly kill opponents when the opportunity presents itself.


Wukong is a very agile assassin with a fairly long range with his jumping ability. It can be used to enter and exit battles without difficulty.

Its long range and high critical rate make it a major threat to low defense targets in and out of teamfights.


Zephys is very good at making and executing tactics and has a style of play that is easy to customize.

Zephy’s Passive Skill Steadfast Death reduces damage taken when he loses HP. This gives him a chance to win the fight even if his HP is low.

Here’s how to use an assassin as a jungler from the beginning to the end of the game.

Start of the game

Focus on jungle

At the start of the game, Assassins need to focus on the jungle and get to level 4 as quickly as possible. Sometimes it is difficult to get a kill without leveling up, even if your ambush is successful.

It is the job of the assassins to get plenty of kills early in the game to make it easier for friends to focus on destroying towers or killing abyssal dragons.

Medium game

It’s time to shine

As soon as the tower begins to crumble, the heroes leave their lane and begin killing monsters in the forest or moving to another lane.

The assassins had to find these heroes and kill anyone they found alone. Always keep an eye on the map and avoid going into areas with a lot of enemies.

Late game

During the late game, assassins focus on killing mages or archers in team fights. Aim at archers or mages when they are not protected by their tanks and warriors.

As an assassin, you should come later and never start a war or hike alone.

At the very least, you’ll be accompanied by a warrior looking for a mage or archer to roam around to avoid your opponent’s traps.

You can die and your team will lose the damage dealer which is very difficult to win a team fight when there is no damage

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