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Here it is the natural counter-object of Hero and Hero Gloo!

Mobile Legends has finally arrived hero His new name is Gloo.
hero with Roller armor this is generally rated as
hero with a unique mechanic because one of his skills can make Gloo stick to it hero the enemy and overthrew everyone
damage which he received hero the attached enemy.

Gloo is also equipped with effects immobilize very high. Once Gloo is a combo for the enemy hero, it can give effect
immobilize For 1.5 seconds. Overwhelmed No.

For those of you who want to know what combos Gloo has, I’ve covered everything in the previous post. Please check it out using the link below.

Now that you know Gloo’s abilities, let’s discuss it now hero which can be counter Gloo.

Hero Counter Gloo

Here are 5 hero that you can use as
counter Gloo:

1. Wanwan

Wanwan can easily overcome Gloo with ultimate-his. As he flies through the air, Wanwan will not be able to accept a reversal
damage by Gloo. That’s when Wanwan can easily kill Gloo.

If Gloo is stuck on, take it with you right away tower, then attack with ultimate Wan wan. This way, Gloo can easily be killed.

2. Zhask

Zhask can overcome ultimate Gloo thanks to his ability to type Joni during the performance ultimate.

When Zhask is hit ultimate Gloo, just counter it

also because with the ultimate zhask it is safe to be in joni without having to worry about being hit by an inversion damage by Gloo.

3. Claude

Claude’s high mobility becomes the right weapon to overcome it
ultimate Gloo. When Claude was met ultimate Gloo, he can walk in tower Run away easily or from enemy encirclement so as not to be hit by a reversal damage too many.

effect slow what Gloo has won’t be as effective for Claude either, because the effect of Ability 1 that Claude has has on top of it
Speed ​​of movement very high.

You can also use hero who others have high mobility, like becoming Hayabusa, Ling or Benedetta counter Gloo.

4. Yu Zhong

Robbery of life
that Yu Zhong had to be the right answer to get the ability ultimate Gloo. Even if Yu Zhong will still accept a cancellation
damage if Gloo sticks to it, but Yu Zhong is still alive thanks to the effect Robbery of life his immense passive abilities.

5. Esmeralda

Attendees forbidden that turns out counter which is good for Gloo. Even if Gloo stayed with it sign Esmeralda’s possessions won’t run out anytime soon.

Esmeralda could even get one sign the bigger one, because the more enemies there are around, the bigger it is
that are absorbed.

That’s me hero for which you can use
counter Gloo. You can also check out the youtube video below for a more in-depth discussion of counter from
hero Gloo.

Item counter Gloo

After I knew Hero counter Gloo, now let’s continue the discussion on the points counter Gloo.

What can objects actually be?
counter Glou?

1. Winter club

Winter club is the most effective item than counter Gloo. This winter club can ignore the reversal damage that Gloo produced as he held on to it
hero that you use.

Using the article is enough simple. If Gloo was attached to hero
Guys, just hit the Winter Trumpet and then tell your friends to get rid of Gloo quickly.

This way, Gloo can be easily killed without having to worry about it being reversed damage by him.

2. Immortality

While not as effective as Winter Tuncheon, Immortality still is
It is worth it really for you to use when dealing with Gloo.

This immortality can increase the odds survive You when inserted by Gloo. This article also indirectly increases your mentality to dare War.


Okay, maybe that’s all there is to the discussion this time around hero and articles
counter Gloo. If possible hero or other items that can be countered for Gloo, please write them in the comment column.

Don’t forget to always visit for interesting information Games Mobile legends.

Thanks very much.