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Here it is Hero and Item Counter Estes! (Mobile Legends)

META in Mobile Legends game currently still dominated by Hero support. After yesterday at the MPL ID S7 event
Hero support how Angela, Rafaela and Mathilda became
Top pick rate in several teams, now it was Estes’ turn to replace the beautiful one Hero support others, most of which have become subscriptions forbidden.

If you remember 2-3 season before that Estes was not hero that many players look up to. In fact, Estes was then considered to be
hero often used by Troll player. In contrast to his current position, which is considered to be occupying Hero level S
from a few Professional squad.

Estes ability focuses on cure can indeed make it a strong support, though war. Besides, the effect is
heal what Estes has doesn’t cover you hero only, but too many hero at once. Hence, teams playing with Estes focus on war and
ganking instead of doing slide divided.

Because of the ability cure Very high estes then you need hero she has Burst damage big or effect Healing reduction high to use as

Well, in this post I have at least summarized it 5 heroes that you can use as counter from Estes. Without further ado, let’s jump straight into the following discussion:

1. Vale

Vale is one of the Hero magician she has
Burst damage which is very high, on par with Eudora, but has a larger area. When it entered the phase Middle of the game, or at least if hero It has reached level 8 (when all skill upgrades are active) then Vales attack combinations can be carried out without any problems.

By choosing upgrade damage At ultimate skills and Craft 1, then Vale can level hero all in one skill combination, as well Hero support whose lives are not so many and do not have many characteristics defenselike Estes.

Vale skill combinations can also be called easy as all you have to do is press skill 2 first (choose the one that can).
get pregnant) when the enemy is concerned get pregnant, then just press ultimate + quickly his 1st ability. The enemy is automatically hit directly damage which is great because the enemy has no time to flee because they are affected get pregnant from his 2nd ability earlier.

2. Kagur

Just like Vale Burst damage owned by Kagura is also very high. In fact, in terms of skill effectiveness, Kagura is far superior, as all of this hero’s combos can be precisely controlled. In contrast to Vale, who sometimes only pushes skills.

Because of the high effectiveness of the skill, Kagura can easily do it lock after Estes if war. With just one combination of skills Heroes Assistance like Estes can surely disappear instantly in Kagura’s hands.

3. Benedetta

Benedetta’s agility is the main reason for this
hero This can be a counter from Estes. With much
Blink skills At his disposal, Benedetta could easily respond to Estes, who often sat in the back row, and immediately beat him with his various skills.

Benedetta’s rapid attack will also mess up the enemy’s strategy so that they even part ways at times, and that will reduce Estes’ role, so that hero You can kill it quickly.

4. Alice

Even if Alice doesn’t have one damage as big as Vale or Kagura, but Alice’s ability to teleport directly with her first ability allows Alice to instantly surprise the enemy.

Alice is also equipped slow action from ultimate-which can make it difficult for the enemy to flee, not to mention it HP regeneration which Alice will have when the ability ultimate-it hits the enemy.

It was these different skills that enabled Alice to become
counter which is good for Estes. Style of play Estes who always does ganking Alice can take advantage of this, because she can teleport directly to where Estes is
ultimate, with it all enemies affected by the area
ultimate-it will be hard to escape.

Even if Alice’s life could die instantly, just use the item Winter club because while using the item, Alice’s skill is not canceled. Car can heal free + give away
damage also to the enemy.

5. Bavaria

recommendation hero The last one on this list is Baxia.
Hero armor this may not have damage big, doesn’t have much effect Crowd control also, but there is an effect from baxia that can be counter from Estes are these effects Healing reduction or as it is generally called
Deprivation of life.

Baxia is hero what has effect Deprivation of life congenital of
ultimate skills-the one who did hero it can be

for all hero with HP regeneration tight, including Estes.

Working methods hero It’s also relatively easy when Estes does it ultimate, then just paste hero it’s with skill 1 then use it ultimate so that Baxia can reduce the effects immediately cure owned by Estes. That way, even though Estes did ultimate, then the effect
cure what he gave did not go optimally because it was affected Deprivation of life owned by Baxia.

After I knew Hero counterHowever, you also need to understand what items can be used as counter from Estes. There are at least 2 items that you can use including the following:

1. Sea halberd

Sea halberd is an item with a passive voice life seeps away exactly the same as effect ultimate owned by Baxia. With this passive, this item can reduce the effect cure on the enemy for a few seconds by 50%.

Sea halberd is perfect for you against
Heroes with HP regeneration large ones, such as: Uranus, Guinevere, Esmeralda and Estes.

2. Necklace of the Durance

Necklace of the Durance, or commonly known as NOD, is an item of effect Deprivation of life dedicated hero by type
magical, unlike the Sea Halberd, which is only for physical heroes.

In terms of effect, the Durance’s necklace was not the slightest difference from Sea Hellebard. The only difference is in the usage, NOD for
magical, Sea halberd for physically.


Okay, maybe that’s all of me this time. If either of you want to challenge them against heroes What else would you like to discuss on this blog, please write it down inquiry You in the comment column.

Don’t forget to always visit because this blog will always provide interesting information and tips about the world
Mobile Legends games.

Thank you very much