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Here's how to see the ranking of our heroes in Mobile Legends

Here's how to see the ranking of our heroes in Mobile Legends

GAME Mobile Legends is still one of the most popular games among gamers, especially since the article was made by Indonesian gamers, the Mobile Legends game has arrived in season 10 and every season for 3 months, so it has been more or less 30 months ago that the Mobile Legends game features entertainment with the best heroes.

So far, in the Mobile Legends game, there have been around 66 heroes of different character types for us to play. Perhaps you are one of those players who often use tank, marskman, magician, supporter or fighter type heroes.

Did you know that every hero you use has a success rating that you can compare to other players or players, namely the Global Top-Level (players around the world), Top Local (local Indonesian players) and your own Friends.

You can see your rank like this, who knows your hero is in the Global Top 1.

Open the Mobile Legends game and there is a menu at the bottom Leaderboard, click the menu.

As a description.

1st RANK

The rank includes world, local and friends rankings, here we see all the players with the highest to the lowest rank, as in the picture above you can see the global top rank or the world with the highest rank, namely G B.em If you want to see the Top Local, just swipe right. Usually the rankings from 1 to 100 are shown if you want to see your own ranking in the lower right corner next to the Share menu.

2. Success

In the achievements menu we can see the achievements of all players as shown above, the best achievement is 82 trophies. If you’d like to see your own achievement rank, it’s in the lower right corner next to the Share menu.

3. Victory or Victory

In this menu, of course, the level with the most victory points occupies the top rank or rank, if your name is not listed on the boards 1 to 100, this means that your victory points are still low, regardless of the rank you are currently at.

4th hero

In this menu you can see the rank of your favorite hero with players who are also users of the hero. For example, other Johnson users by rating the strength and number of games that suit the hero’s win rate. It is the best point value that is ranked at the top, you can see in the Top World and Local.

5. popularity

Of course, the first ranked player is the most popular in Mobile Legends game by getting the most gifts.

6. fans

In the fans menu you can see many players like other players and receive diamond shipments from players who like them. It is really lucky for players to get diamonds for free from their fans until they reach the first rank of 3,194,066 diamonds. The admin himself has never even received 1 diamond from other players, how about you?

7th squad

In the Mobile Legends game, if you haven’t entered a squad or have a squad, don’t expect to be listed in the rank or squad rank as this menu will show the best squads in the list from 1 to 100 based on the Calculates the strength or strength of each player in the game.


If you want to get Mentor Points you have to be a teacher and play with players who are in second place, suppose you teach students, for example you are in GrandMaster and you can play with Masters.

So many articles of my own on Viewing Global and Local Rankings in Mobile Legends, hopefully it will be useful to those of you who have read. Thank you for visiting, if you have any questions you can comment in the column provided.