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Here are 7 recommendations for the most suitable hero fighter for solo players

Hero fighter is one of the heroes who can receive or cause great damage. Well, not all of all battle heroes are in this meta-season 18.

Well, this time I’m going to tell you which fighter heroes are on the OP list and most recommended for solo player fighters. Would you like to know which heroes you can automatically win the ranking with?

Check out the review below.

7 of most OP hero fighters and suitable for solo player fighters

1. Roger

Roger is one of the heroes who can inflict huge chest damage on the opponent when using his sickest build. Now you can see RRQ Albert’s Painful Roger Build. You really have to use this hero for that, for both Hyper and Sidelaner when you rank solo.

2. Leomord

Leomord is one of the reliable OP heroes when you are solo ranked. The skills he has can do great damage to enemies around you. Leomord isn’t difficult to play either, so you really have to use that one hero.

3. Yu Zhong

Can transform into a dragon, Yu Zhong is one of the heroes who are pretty hard to beat in 1v1. Since his passive voice is very bothersome, it is good if you use Yu Zhong very well. Surely the enemy will have a hard time fighting the Yu Zhong you are using and eventually the enemy will decide to surrender.

4. Barats

If Yu Zhong can transform into a dragon, it is different with Barats. This hero can enlarge his body and receive a great amount of physical and magical defense. You can use this hero when you are unlocked, of course you win automatically when you use this hero.

5. jaw head

Jawhead, is a very superior hero when it comes to picking up opponents who run farms. With a combination for each skill, you can easily kill the enemy you are locking in.

6. Hilda

In her ultimate ability, Hilda can be called the fighter with the most critical damage. As well as not, it can deal 2000-3000 critical damage (depending on the build and items used). Now for the build itself you will see Build Hilda Tersakit 1x Hit.

7. Chou

Chou relies on his crowd control skills and can kill enemies very easily. Especially when you use this hero and meet heroes like shooters and magicians. Of course, you can kill them very easily.

This is the recommended Hero Fighter suitable for your ranked solo fighters. Well, if you are still not good at using the hero above, you can use your main hero. All of this, of course, depends on our capabilities.

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