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Title: Hayabusa’s Painful Item Build 2021 by Onic Antimage
Link: Hayabusa’s Painful Item Build 2021 by Onic Antimage

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Hayabusa’s Painful Item Build 2021 by Onic Antimage

Assassin is a role hero in Mobile Legends who is considered the most difficult to master. If there are difficulties, there are of course advantages, usually they have above-average agility in the case of sick damage. In this way, the assassin is usually tasked with killing the opponent’s main hero, such as a mage or marksman.

One of the assassins that can be relied on to kidnap the main hero of the opponent is Hayabusa. If used by top players, only foam would be terrible. This hero has many advantages, one of which is that it can be used to kidnap enemy heroes who go out alone at night. We all know that Hayabusa’s ultimate doesn’t take long to kill soft heroes who are alone.
On top of that, we also know that Hayabusa can be very reliable when used as an Offlaner Hero or Split Push Hero. High mobility allows Hayabusa to quickly switch lines or go into the jungle and quickly return to his line.

You can only take advantage of all of these advantages if you really master them, and not just for as long as you can use them. Hence, you need to practice using this hero often so that you can use GG like Onic Antimage, the biggest Assassins user in Indonesia.

In addition to the gameplay that Antimage must mimic, you can also mimic the items and emblems that are often used by anti-magicians in tournaments. Therefore, this time around GMLBB, we’re going to discuss the emblems, battle spells, and Hayabusa’s sickest items used by Onic Antimage. The following is the discussion below.

The emblem set used by Antimage is of course the assassin emblem, because Hayabusa is a hero with the role of assassin. Below are the emblem settings for Hayabusa:


Physical PEN +19.50

Physical attack +27

Crit. Chance + 3.50%

Cooldown Reduction + 5%

Movement SPD + 2%


Having only one enemy hero around you will increase the enemy hero’s damage by 6%.

Next up is the spell that Antimage uses when using Hayabusa. To speed up farming, use the battle spell Retribution.


CD: 35.0
Inflicts 540 (+ 60 * hero level) true damage to nearby creeps or minions (damage increases with level).

Passive: Permanently reduces damage taken from creeps by 40% when wearing equipment jungle items.

Next and last is Hayabusa 2021’s sickest item from antimage that you can mimick so that Hayabusa’s harm can hurt even more.

Hayabusa’s sick items:


($ 1650)

+30 physical attack

+ 15% physical PEN
Attributes: + 50% damage to monsters

Unique passive breakout: The next normal attack by the hero deals at least 50 additional real damage every 10 seconds (increases as the hero levels up) and slows the enemy by 30% for 1 second.

Performing a normal attack will decrease the cooldown.

Unique passive greed: Gain an additional 25% EXP in the jungle. Restores 4% HP and 10% mana after defeating a creep.

Unique Passive Canyon: Eliminate Creeps to increase Physical Attack by 4. Up to 15 layers maximum.

Uniquely Passive: Makes a retaliatory spell usable against enemy Heroes, reduces the target’s movement speed by 70%, and deals a small amount of real damage within 3 seconds. Giving another advanced jungle item will disable this effect.


($ 720)

+22 physical defense
Attribute: +40 movement speed

Unique Passive Valor: Physical Defense is increased by 5 each time you receive a basic attack, up to a maximum of 25. This effect lasts for 3 seconds.


($ 2470)

+65 physical attack

+25 mana regeneration

+250 hp

+ 10% cooldown reduction

+ 5% movement SPD

+ 15% physical lifesteal
Unique Passive Divine Justice: After using the next basic attack skill, an additional 70% physical attack is dealt as real damage. This effect has a cooldown of 1.5 seconds.

Unique fate in passive pursuit: when the effect of divine justice is active, the hero’s movement speed is increased by 10%.


($ 3010)

+170 physical attack

+ 5% movement SPD
Unique Passive – Despair: Attacking an enemy unit with HP below 50% increases the hero’s physical attack by 25% for 2 seconds. (Effect active before damage quality)


($ 1970)

+70 physical attack

+ 10% cooldown reduction
Attribute: + 20% magic vampire


($ 2120)

+800 hp

+40 physical defense
Unique passive immortal: revived 2 seconds after defeat and gains 15% HP and a shield that can absorb 300-1000 damage. (scaled with hero level) Shield lasts up to 3 seconds. A CD has this effect for 180 seconds.

This is an item that you can rely on in a game and that may help you win the game.

Now, if your opponent is using Hayabusa, you can counter them with one of the 3 best Hayabusa brands below. The first Hayabusa counter is Chou, Chou is a hero with the role of a fighter. Hayabusa’s second counter is Sun and her third counter is Masha.

That’s our discussion this time, hopefully it will be useful and make it easier for you and your team to win. My advice, if you are a complete beginner, do some practice before using Hayabusa in rank mode.

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