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Title: Harith New Hero Mobile Legends Time travel
Link: Harith New Hero Mobile Legends sang time travel

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Harith New Hero Mobile Legends Time travel

Harith New Hero Mobile Legends Time travel

Last August 10th, the developers released a new hero on the Advanve server, Harith. This hero has a stance that has time control skills as this hero has a fairly short cooldown skill. This hero is still in the experimental stage, so there will still be changes to this hero.


Harith is a magician who can jump in a different direction with his blink ability. With his skill, the player can use Harith to dominate the fight.

Skills Harith
Insight from the Key – Passive Skill

Harith gets insight from his key, he gets a certain resilience, depending on the number of enemy heroes nearby. When using the skill 3 times. At the next time incision, Harith will deal more damage.

Cutting time – 1st skill

Harith created his own phantom to work the same skill. Inflicts magical damage to all units in its path. When 2 phantoms meet, they explode, dealing magical damage to all enemies in the area.

Time Difference – 2nd Skill

Harith blinks in the indicated direction, when he reaches this location, he will steal magical attack from nearby enemy heroes and produce a shield that can absorb damage. The next normal attack deals higher magic damage and slows the enemy down. When this attack hits the enemy, the cooldown of the next time shift skill will be reduced.

Time Matrix – Ultimate

Harith uses the key to summon the Matrix. The Matrix will immobilize nearby enemy Heroes and slow them down for a period of time. (If Harith comes into contact with the Matrix while using Time Shift, the subsequent cooldown of Time Incision and Time Shift will decrease.

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