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Gun Maker and Its Advantages Compared to Other Professions in LifeAfter Games - PlayGames-en | Games | Android | iOS | Pc

We discussed the benefits of Miner, Hemp Picker, and Lumberjack in yesterday’s post. All three have their respective advantages that are definitely very useful for our character development.

Professional certified gun maker game Lifeafter

Slightly unlike the three professional certificates mentioned above, the firearms maker does not benefit from collecting sources in nature. The advantage of this profession lies in the manufacture / manufacture of objects, especially weapons. Who doesn’t need weapons? Of course everyone needs them, except that players can buy them in the market, weapons can of course also be made by yourself.

Before deciding on a profession, you must have made a standard first weapon such as the UZI. Another cool gun recipe can only be made by a gun manufacturer. In addition to being able to make weapons that cannot be made by other professions in life-after games, characters who take the Firearms Maker Profession Certificate also have other benefits, they get a buff or positive effect, the function of which is to to reduce the loss of robustness of the weapon. as well as add a magazine slot to the weapon.

Five advantages of the gun manufacturer

While the special weapon formula that can only be obtained for free from this profession is the weapon formula UMP 9 skins, and Molotov cocktails. For those of you who want to focus on PVE or PVP, especially those who like combat, I recommend taking this professional certificate. Because the profession of weapons manufacturer has an advantage in combat.

Here are some benefits you can learn and receive by choosing gun manufacturing as your main occupation.

1. Get the Molotov Formula

You can get the Molotov formula from Professional certificate In this case, the Molotov is a homemade fire bomb made out of bottles.

2. Restoration of the armorer

This profession benefits from the use of weapons, for example when you repair weapons, you only lose a few robustness points from other professions. In essence, if you choose the gun maker profession, gun use will be damaged longer.

3. Lucky Production Professional Cert

Firearms Maker gives you extra items when making materials like pig iron, cast iron, or aluminum alloy. When you get this UMP9 Professional Cert Weapon Formula, you can make UMP9 weapons. The UMP9 formula will be unlocked when you reach Level IV Professional certified gun manufacturer This.

4. Get the steel pipe formula

In addition to Molotov, UMP9, a weapons manufacturer will also receive the Steel Pipe Formula. Which of these items is required to craft advanced weapons.

5. The capacity of the Amo-Box increases by 5%

Choosing a professional Cert Firearms Maker increases the ammunition capacity which you can reduce by 5%.

It can be seen that there are many benefits to those who enjoy PvP in choosing this one profession. Farming dollars is also easy by making weapons and selling them in the market. These are the 6 benefits you will get when you get one Gun manufacturers in the game LifeAfter. Next up will discuss the PlayGames id blog Advantages of the armorer profession.

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