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Guide Unlock Pet Ragnarok Mobile - Eternal Love

How do I use a pet in Ragnarok Mobile?

Requirements: character level 30

  1. Go to the Pronter South Gate.
  2. Agnes will ask if you would like to join the Pet Association. Choose the first option to join.
  3. Talk to Agnes’ assistant, npc – Dean, he’s right behind Agnes.
  4. Dean will teach you how to capture monsters.
  5. Pore’s favorite food is green apple.
  6. Then Dean will teleport you to a pet training site.
  7. Talk to the dean.
  8. Capture poring near the lake with green apple.
  9. Choose the first option to pick up, choose the second option to feed again.
  10. Set pet names. Pet turns into egg when put in a bag. Hatch pet and pet will follow you.
  11. Talk to Dean one more time and teleport back to the south field of Prontera.

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