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Title: Guide Sniper with EJC Light – DN INA
Link: Guide Sniper with EJC Light – DN INA

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Guide Sniper with EJC Light – DN INA

This time, I’m going to discuss the use of the ECJ or elementary convention jade on snipers, whether it’s better or worse.
after consulting Senpai Lee Gunawan, I immediately tried it. hers is the same as + – 18% light attack.

after trying to be surprised at how the damage increased. about 20%.
for my equipment in the video it’s only 98k, I’m sure you guys are bigger than me.

Conditions if you want your damage to be greater Light attack must be higher than minus attack according to the use of the ECJ
My example is of 115k physical attack, so 98k has decreased by 14%, already covered by 14% light attack, so I get an additional 5% light attack (115k + 5% light attack). the bigger your light attack the better.

In Cap 90 we don’t have to expect light attacks to increase as all elemental buffs are gone, so if you want to get extra damage you need to be in a party with a job that has elemental resistance according to the EJC you are using.

okay, now to the point, your job is a sniper, for example, you want to use your light and the conditions (children’s version of the boarding house)

– 2 pieces of cash cat eye rings
-3 pieces of jade lights

For the title here, fortunately for those born before the 80s mark, they get the title provocateur with 6% light attack, now there is nothing like that anymore.
for those who don’t have this title, you can use the current title, Manticore Expert (Manticore Level 90, 5% Light Attack) or Overload (ABN 90, 5% Light Attack).

Note: Title is only active 1 in the Tilt ability and cannot be stacked with Cover Title
from the conditions I wrote above, I already have a slight attack of + -18%
. bearable as bearable
Well that’s enough for those who want to try the ECJ, I think it’s even better.

This is the Sniper Guide article with EJC Light – DN INA

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