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Golden staff, critical hits when killing items and can hack basic attacks - Mobile Legends Item Tutorial

Mobile Legends Golden Staff Guide
Mobile Legends Golden Staff Guide

Golden staff is one of the attack objects in the game Mobile legends. Usually this item is used by marksmen and battle heroes. But not all shooters and fighters fit the item golden rod.

You may often see professional players using the Golden Rod when using Badang, Karrie, or Claude. It turns out that’s the real function of the Golden Rod item, folks. It turns out that not only are you buying it, but what you have makes useless the hero you are using.

Mobile Legends Golden Staff Item Features

Actually, the main function of this golden stick article wasdeduction passive. Thus is the selling power of the article Golden staff that’s that passive. But in addition Attack speed the ground state is also very useful.

Base status

+65 physical attack: The addition of this physical attack is quite high, but what’s special about the Golden Staff item isn’t its basic status.

+ 30% attack speed: Golden Staff offers the highest increase in attack speed from other attack objects. This high attack speed naturally makes the passivity of this item more effective.

Passive: Fast

The first passive of the item “Golden Rod” is Convert your critical chance into attack speed. For example, if you have 1% critical chance, then the golden staff will passively convert to 1% attack speed.

1% critical chance -> 1% attack speed

So this is the golden rod Critical chance killer item that you have. So you will buy critical items in vain, as these are only converted into attack speed.

Mobile Legends Golden Rod
Mobile Legends Golden Rod

The second passive of the Golden Rod is closeddeduction Basic attack, i.e. everyone Basic attack third, it is counted 2 times. Thus, this article canchop from a passive hero or item.

We can analogously compare this passive Golden Staff to Miya’s passive, with Miya’s own passive ability granting it a stack after performing a normal attack. Each stack gives him an additional 5% attack speed.

When you purchase the Golden Staff item, the third basic from Miya produces 5 stacks. Then the next three basic attacks produce 8 stacks. So with 6 normal attacks, Miya gains 8 stacks. If you are not using the Golden Staff, you will need to make 8 normal attacks to get 8 stacks.

Golden staff and demon hunter sword

The best combination item of the golden staff is the demon hunter sword. The demon hunter sword’s passive is any Basic attack will Receive an additional 9% of the physical attack of the opponent’s current HP.

So the higher the enemy’s HP, the more effective the passive demon hunter sword is. Because with a great current HP, the damage it does will be great too.

This is what happens when you combine the Golden Staff and the Demon Hunter Sword:

Mobile Legends Golden Rod
Mobile Legends Golden Rod

Your third attack deals an additional 27% physical damage from the opponent’s current HP. Because the third attack counts 3 times. 9% multiplied by 3 is 27%, and every third, sixth, ninth attack, etc., you suffer an additional 9% physical damage.

With a high attack speed, the combination of the items Golden Staff and Demon Hunter Sword can actually beat critical builds, and this combination is very good for defeating tanks.

However, you need to adapt to your own heroes and gameplay. Since not all shooters depend on attack speed, there are also critical shooters, for example Clint and Lesley.

For whom is it suitable?

Heroes eligible to use the Golden Staff item are heroes who rely on attack speed. Why is that, because with a high attack speed the passive of the golden staff is more effective, especially in combination with the demon hunter sword.

Below are some heroes who are eligible to use the Golden Staff.


Karrie Elite Skin Jester Mobile Legends
Karrie Jester Mobile Legends. Source: GameBox

Karrie’s passive is every 5th attack, then she gives way real harm by 13% of the opponent’s maximum HP. With the help of the item “Golden Staff” Karrie can now collect the stack from her passive more quickly.

Karrie only needs to make 3 basic attacks to deal real damage. In the meantime, if you don’t use the Golden Staff, you will only deal real damage to the 5th basic attack.


Moskov Epic Skin Twilight Dragon Mobile Legends
Moskov Epic Skin Twilight Dragon Mobile Legends. Source: Listriana

This golden stick will make Moskov’s passive more effective. Moskov’s own passive is that the cooldown of Abilities 1 and 2 is reduced by 0.7 seconds every time he attacks with a simple attack.

Now, when you use the Golden Staff item, every third attack by Moskov reduces the cooldown of Abilities 1 and 2 by 2.1 seconds. This of course allows Moskov to continue spamming Skills 1 and 2 when using the Golden Rod.

However, most players rely more on critical items than attack speed when using Moskov. Because Moskov with a critical build item is more dangerous than Moskov with an Attack Speed ​​build item.


Zilong Starlight Skin Eastern Warrior Mobile Legends
Zilong Starlight Skin Eastern Warrior Mobile Legends

Zilong’s passive ability is to attack enemies repeatedly and the cooldown of this passive is 6 seconds. The cooldown of this passive is reduced by 0.5 seconds each time Zilong performs a normal attack.

If he is now supported by the Golden Staff, Zilong will be more likely to use his passive abilities. Because with every third attack, the cooldown of Zilong’s passive is reduced by 1.5 seconds (0.5 x 3).


Miya Suzuhime Mobile Legends
Miya Suzuhime Mobile Legends

Miya’s passive is that every basic attack she makes generates a stack, 1 stack increases attack speed by 5%. The maximum stack that can be collected is 8 stacks. So you have to do 8 basic attacks to get 8 stacks.

Miya’s third attack creates 5 stacks with the aid of the “Golden Staff” item. So to be able to produce 8 stacks, Miya only needs to make 6 basic attacks.

When was it bought?

As already mentioned, this golden staff is very suitable to be combined with the demon hunter sword. So, before buying the Golden Staff, try to buy the Demon Hunter Sword first and then the Golden Staff. Because Demon Hunter Sword lets you survive more at the beginning of the game as there is a lifesteal effect, albeit gradually. So you can place this golden staff in the third slot after the demon hunter sword.

That is the discussion about the Golden Staff Mobile Legends item this time. Don’t forget to check out Cecepkocep’s blog for more information. Thanks very much.

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