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Title: Goat Simulator Android Game Review
Link: Goat Simulator Android Game Review

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Goat Simulator Android Game Review

Goat simulator game with Coffestain developer, funny game with unclear plot or plot (KOPLAK)

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Okay, let’s just reminisce about the funniest game I’ve ever played, ever played.

By title alone, Goat Simulator, yes, a simulator to become a goat, how about trying who wants to be a goat, where the others are a driving simulator, a simulator to fly an airplane, this is actually a simulator of being a goat, what’s less exciting?

Actually this game has freedom to play which is almost similar to gta, the difference is that in gta we become human, but here we become goats.

Not just goats, we can also use other animals like penguins, whale giraffes and others that are no less fun than the goats we have run so far as we get trophies that we can find in any hidden place. .

The strange thing is that this goat can stick out, its tongue can stick to anything, even the adhesive force is really very strong until it reaches the Tronton truck which the goat’s tongue can easily lift.

In this game, the user is given the freedom to do stupid things in any city the game is in. We have to accomplish the mission.

This game has very horrific graphics, but it is still inferior to the goat simulator on PC, but for the problem of places and cities it is made exactly the same.

I really recommend it for players who like freedom and silliness

About games:
-Developer: coffee stain
-Size:303 MB

– Developer email: android-contact@coffeestainstudios.com
– Minimum specification: 1 GB RAM

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