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Glowing wand, anti-tank mage item in Mobile Legends

Cecepkocep – Items are very important in MOBA genre games including Mobile Legends. With the item, the heroes used by the player have a maximum status, be it for attack or defense.

One of the items in the Mobile Legends game is the glowing wall. This is a mage item often used by mage heroes or mage assassins. Glowing wand is a very effective item against tank heroes who have very thick blood.

In this article, Cecepkoep will discuss more about this glowing wand. How is the passive? How does it work? To determine the answer, let’s look at the rating below.

Base status

+75 magical power: This status is not too big, but it will be very useful for early to middle game.

+400 hp: This status makes the hero we use stockier because he has thicker blood than usual.

+ 5% movement speed: This status makes the hero we use more agile, especially for late games. So there is a high probability of not getting dragged or chasing enemy heroes.

Passive: scorching

We get additional damage of 2%, then 3% and 4% of the enemy’s current HP when we use skills. The Glowing Wand passive is almost similar to the Demon Hunter Sword passive. This passive is very effective against very thick blooded heroes like Hylos and Belerick.

Oh yeah, Glow’s passive has no cooldown, so the passive will still work as long as we’re using the skill. It’s very useful when used by heroes who have a short cooldown, such as B. Skill 1 Lunox.

Surely some of you are confused about what is meant by additional damage of 2%, then 2% and 3%?

So what is meant by 2%, 3% and 4% is taken from the enemy’s current HP. The higher the enemy’s HP, the greater the damage caused by the enemy’s HP. In this way, Glowing Wand is great for fighting tank heroes.

Glowing wand against Divine Glaive

Glowing Wand and Divine Glaive are very effective items against tank heroes. However, these two elements work differently. Glow deals additional damage based on the enemy’s current HP. The thicker the enemy, the greater the damage it causes.

While the Passive Divine Glaive works by piercing the target’s magical defenses. For example, the target has 100 Magical Defense, Divine Glaive items penetrate 70% of it. This way the magic defense that works is only 30.

What is more? Luminous wand or divine glaive? I think Divine Glaive is more effective because it has very high magical penetration. Additionally, the additional damage from the passive Glowing Wand can still be withstood by magical defenses like Athena’s shield. Except for the previous glow as it has magical penetration.

Suitable for who

This glowing wand is very suitable for heroes who have a damage area, for example Alice, Odette and Kagura. Then this item is also well suited for heroes with short cooldowns, for example Harley, Harith and Lunox.

That is the discussion this time about the Glowing Wand Mobile Legends item. Don’t forget to visit Cecepkocep’s blog again for the latest articles on Mobile Legends. Thanks very much.

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