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Title: GG’s ruby-auto-skill combination
Link: Ruby Auto GG skill combination

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GG’s ruby-auto-skill combination

After sharing the Ruby Hero Build Item with a Quick Lifesteal in the previous post, it won’t be complete unless we give instructions on how to combine the skills. Hero Ruby is a hero who has good crowd control skills compared to other fighter heroes. Ruby skill combo can also complicate the enemy in battle. Enemies fighting Ruby will be stunned and reduced in movement speed when exposed to a combination of Ruby skills.

GG’s ruby-auto-skill combination

Ruby combination for automatic stunning skills

Before we explain how Ruby skill combination To all players, it would be nice if we could learn about the Ruby skills first below.


Ruby’s Passive has no Lifesteal on her basic attack, Ruby receives a Lifesteal after purchasing an item that can provide a Lifesteal like Haas’ Claw. If players want to know that Ruby items have a quick life steal, you can see in the previous article we discussed yesterday.

Because of this, we will only focus on the discussion in this article Ruby skill combination and learn the Ruby skills one by one to be more useful when used against enemies.

Ability 1

Skill 1 Ruby will not cause any damage in the future, Skill 1 Ruby is similar to the Ultimate Alucard. The difference between a Ruby skill and an Alucard is that after using the Ruby skill, Ruby can move in the desired direction, while Alucard only releases the skill.

Skill 1 Ruby reduces the enemy’s movement speed when the enemy is hit. This skill is very useful when used to attack or escape from enemies.

Ability 2

Ability 2 Ruby gives a stun effect for 0.5 seconds and attracts surrounding enemies to approach. This skill deals 40 physical damage plus 55 percent physical attack. With enough damage and a short cooldown, the normal cooldown is only 7 seconds.

Ruby Skill Don’t run away, Wolf King! This can be difficult for the opponent. This ability will be key later on Ruby skill combination automatic stunning. So prioritize this skill first to level up once you are in the game.

Ability 3

This skill also stuns the enemy for 0.5 seconds, just like the previous skill Don’t Run Wolf King! The only difference is how much damage the enemy takes, and when Ruby uses this skill, the life steal received will also be faster. The area of ​​the ultimate ruby ​​skill is also larger compared to skill 2, and this skill can also be tailored to our needs. Hence, the ultimate Ruby skill is great for trapping the enemy in front of them.

This skill can also be combined with a Fliker combat spell so that the captured enemy is pulled far back.

If you want the ultimate ruby ​​skill combo with flicker on mobile legend players, I recommend practicing in custom vs. computer mode first. Because this combination requires hand speed so that the combination runs successfully and smoothly.

Now that we have understood the Ruby skills one by one, now is the time to discuss the Ruby skill combination. Ruby skill combo There are two, a combination of skills to pick up the enemy and a combination of skills to chase the enemy.

Combination of enemy sweeping skills

If you want to pick up the enemy, you must first aim the 3 Ruby skill at the enemy you want to pick up. When you get an enemy that you want to pick up, combine it directly with Skill 2 Ruby and aim it in front of your enemy, then immediately remove Skill 1 and aim it behind your enemy and combine your Skill 2 again. This way, the enemy you are targeting will be continuously stunned and affected by a decrease in movement speed. This skill combo can be perfectly used when using a tall Ruby Lifesteal item.

Combination Skill Hunt the Enemy

You will definitely be upset when you see your enemy’s blood is low and you will run away to save yourself. Make it easy for yourself by using this combination of skills, the enemy who tries to escape the ruby ​​will be chased by the enemy. Use Skill 1 and aim it at the enemy you are chasing to make Ruby roll forward. Then use Skill 3 to attract your enemy who is far ahead to get near you. Add a combination of Skill 2 to stop your enemy’s steps and use a combination of Skill 1 to have a slow effect to make it difficult for your enemy to escape again.

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This is GG’s article on the Ruby-Auto-Skill Combo

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