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Title: Game tips for modifying, creating and managing mobile legends
Link: Game Change Tips, Build, and Guide Mobile Legends

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Game tips for modifying, creating and managing mobile legends


Chang’e came from a mysterious land in the east and was the youngest disciple of the Great Dragon. From a young age, he showed enormous magical potential and quickly mastered many of the spells that the Great Dragon had introduced him to. At a young age, he even managed to learn the secret technique of the Great Dragon – the Sacred Satellite – and gain his eternal support.

Eventually, he decided he didn’t have time to tutor and care for this smart and cute little student, so he left his adoptive son, Zilong, to take care of him, hoping that Zilong’s determined and determined nature would be some sort of Effects on Chang’e. Zilong loved his new brother very much and not only accompanied him to magic lessons, but also found divine animal friends to play with. Chang’e felt like she was with her older brother, Zilong, and the happiest part of her day was when she carried her house on her back at the end of her schooling.

After the Second War of the Plains broke out, Zilong was ordered by his master to aid the wise rulers of the land. He traveled to many distant places and achieved many great things, but deep in his heart he missed his brother very much. After Zilong left, Chang’e felt that something was missing in her life and she couldn’t help but temporarily dream of those happy times. When he learned that his brother was in the Land of Dawn, Chang’e took the sacred weapon the Great Dragon had given him and secretly went in search of his brother Zilong.

Quotes Change
“Let’s play together”
“One two three four five. Wow, look at all those carrots! “
“Isn’t my master just the greatest !?”
“Huh? Which way is home?”
“Hey! N-Not that high! Don’t you know I’m afraid of heights?”
“Huh? Where is my little rabbit?”
NS-What is this place? Hmm, i-it looks like we’re lost. “
“Fast forward! Rogers Come!”
“Where is … my master …”


– chest damage
– crowd control
– Active ability


– Weak defense
– Easy to thank
– wasteful Where

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Lucky Bunny – Passive

Chang’e inflicts damage to the target hero of the enemy, he receives 1 stack of moon rabbit blessings, for every 50 stacks of blessings Chang’e can increase his magical attack by 50 points. When Chang’e dies, he loses 25 stacks of accumulated Blessings (stacks used to increase his Magical Attack have no effect).

Run Bunny Run – 1st ability

Chang’e called a group of rabbits in a certain direction. Each rabbit deals magical damage and reduces the opponent’s movement speed by 25% for 1.5 seconds. (Damage is reduced when the rabbit hits the same target, but the stack slow effect can be increased).

Biu!Biu!Biu – 2nd ability

Chang’e continuously shoots 5 energy balls forward, dealing magical damage to the first enemy hit (nearby targets take 60% damage as magical damage). If all three energy balls hit the same target, the target will be stunned for 1 second. Targets that are only stunned every 6 seconds. Moments after using this skill, Chang’e increases his movement speed by 15%.

Rabbit Bomb – Ultimate

Fires a rabbit missile forward, dealing magical damage on the first enemy attack, then immediately splitting into six smaller missiles that continue to pursue the target. Every missile deals magical damage. If the rabbit missile is already fired at full range without hitting the target, it will be split into 6 smaller missiles and will randomly pursue the nearest enemy unit. Missiles that hit the same target do less damage.

Emblem set
Combat spells
recommendation Build
Tips Played

1. Often – often deals damage to the opponent, this is done to take advantage of the passive skill.
2. Always keep your distance from enemies, especially assassins. Since Chang’e doesn’t have a blink skill, this hero is pretty easy to gank.
3. Use the 2nd ability against an enemy to stun him.
4th Use the 2-1-3-2 combo.
5. Don’t play alone often, always try to be with a tank or fighter to support the team.

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