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Title: Franco and Bane’s mobile hero story
Link: Franco and Banes Mobile Hero Story

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Franco and Bane’s mobile hero story

Franco and Bane

Mobile legends

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After talking about the love affair between Lancelot and Odette, now it’s our turn to discuss the feud between the pirates and the monsters who rule the seas, Franco and Bane!

Mobile legends

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The story of the two begins when Bane is resurrected from the dead. After turning into a sea monster, Bane regains control of the ocean and disrupts Franco’s residence.

Franco and the other warriors decide to find Bane so that the seafarers can feel peace and quiet again. However, it turned out that things weren’t as simple as they thought because Bane was a pirate king before he died.

When he was still known as the pirate king, Bane was known as a very cruel person. A few decades later, Bane and the Black Pearl, the ship he used, rose from the bottom of the sea and again bore the title of ruler of the ocean. So it comes to the feud between Franco and Bane!

This is the story of Franco’s and Bane’s Hero Mobile Story

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