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For free! How to get Shirou Free Fire

Android31 – Yesterday, February 19, 2021, Free Fire released a global event called Operation Cobra. At the end of this event, all Free Fire players have the right to receive a new character named Shirou for free.

For those of you who never tried Shirou’s character on the Advance Server last January. I’ll give you a little leak. Shirou has a very lethal ability and it can be said that Shirou is an absolute counterattack or opponent for Chrono.

Shirous Skill called “Damage Delivered” This skill is able to tag enemies shooting at your character within 100 meters and your first shot at the enemy provides additional armor penetration. Not only that, the more terrifying thing is the armor penetration that you get up to 100% at the max level when not playing, right.

A shot with 100% armor penetration is pure damage that you inflict on the enemy, regardless of the armor level or helmet the enemy is using. This skill also has a very short cooldown of 10 seconds.

How do you get the Shirou Free Fire character? You don’t need diamonds or even wait for recharge or gacha events. Because Shirou is given by Garena for free on the peak day of Operation Cobra. You only need to log in to the Operation Cobra event page once on February 27, 2021 at 4:00 AM WIB in the morning, for those of you who are late, don’t worry, you can still log in until 3:59 AM WIB early day.

In addition to Shirou’s character, the Operation Cobra event also offers many attractive prizes, including the EVO Gun MP40 Predatory Cobra and the Legendary Bundle The Cobra.

Don’t forget to log in on the date I have given you. If you want to top up Free Fire Diamonds, you can also do so in the Android31 PPOB STORE at great prices and with fast delivery of Free Fire Diamonds.

Charge free fire

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