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Title: Five newest Gear Mobile Legends must be used
Link: Five newest Gear Mobile Legends must be used

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Five newest Gear Mobile Legends must be used

In the latest Mobile Legends update, Moonton presents the five latest Mobile Legends gear along with a new hero that we’ll discuss in another article. Those five gears are pretty strong and have the potential to change the game’s meta, at least three of them.

There are five types of the three types of the latest Mobile Legends gear, one of assault gear, one of magical gear, and three of gear with a new type that is roaming gear. Equipment designed for the support that hikes frequently so that the resulting hike is even stronger.

Two of the three new equipments we are going to discuss may have the same effect as the existing equipment, more of an alignment between magical equipment and physical equipment.



Mobile Legends new gear

The first new equipment is Sea Halberd, a physical assault equipment that offers additional status in the form of 70 physical attacks and also 25 percent attack speed, also a dagger.

This equipment is a physical version of equipment called the Necklace of Stamina, both of which have a passive effect called Life Drain that reduces the hero’s ability to regenerate by 50 percent.

The difference, however, is that if the passive effect on the Durance necklace is triggered by the use of abilities, on Sea Hellebard by a basic attack, this is significantly more advantageous compared to its counterpart, the Durance necklace.


Genius wand

Mobile Legends new gear

Perhaps this gear was really created to make some heroes more overwhelming, namely Harith, Lunox, Kimmy, and Gusion. This equipment offers an additional 75 magical damage and 5 percent additional movement speed, this equipment has a price of 2000 gold.

The interesting effect of this equipment is not the additional status that is given or the price is quite cheap, namely Magic, which allows you to reduce the magic armor of your opponent by hitting your magic skills, the armor of the opponent becomes by 10 points reduced and can be stacked up to 3 times, so reduced, a total of 30 points.

This will be very compatible with Harith, Lunox, Kimmy and Gusion who have great magical blast damage, it doesn’t mean that this gear is incompatible with other magical heroes. However, with the skills of these four heroes, it will optimize the passive voice of the Genius Wand.

New mask

Before we dive into the three main gears for roaming, we’ll first discuss the two basic gears, which are the main ingredients for making new gear. First there is the wooden mask, which costs 280 gold and offers additional passive devotions that regenerate two gold and experience every 4 seconds.

Then the advanced version of the wooden mask is the iron mask, which has the same passive effect, but with an additional 400 HP and also a five percent cooldown reduction. Later you can upgrade these two basic masks and there are three types of choices.


Awe mask

Mobile Legends latest gear

This is the first of three new roaming equipments we’ll be discussing, namely, Awe Mask, which has an additional effect of 700 HP and 10 percent cooldown reduction. This additional effect is the same as the other two masks, namely shadow mask and courage mask.

This equipment is roaming equipment with CC effect or disabled for a single target, as the passive of this equipment has a stun effect when the enemy you hit receives a mark with a duration of 1.2 seconds.

If the opponent is hit by either you or a team member five times during this period, the mark’s effect is active and the opponent is subjected to a long stun effect of 1.5 seconds. This passive deterrent has a 30 second cooldown.


Courage mask

Mobile Legends latest gear

The roaming gear that has an active effect is Encourage, which means that you need to push that gear to use your skills. Encouraged grants an additional 30 percent movement speed to a team hero near you, and then an additional 20 percent physical and magical attacks.


Shadow mask

Mobile Legends latest gear

The last gear, which according to the author is the most important support equipment, can be wiped out on the opposing team with the right timing. This equipment has a camouflage effect that can make your team invisible to the opponent for five seconds, both on the field and on the minimap.

However, the covert effect is canceled if you are hit or attacked by an enemy. Remember that the vanishing effect you get cannot be used under the opponent’s tower. So you will still be seen and attacked by the opposing tower even though it has disappeared.

Of the three gear roams mentioned, there is one more important point, which is the side effect of the passive devotion you received from the start of not getting any gold or experience from vassals or neutral creeps who die if you are a teammate close to you.

But you get 30 percent bonus gold for helping kill against the opponent’s hero. And if your hero has the lowest gold and experience gain on the team, the original gold and experience gain is two quarters of a second to 15 quarters of a second.

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