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Failed selfie? How to overcome the rear camera on all cell phones – Don’t worry, here is how to deal with the rear camera from Xiaomi, Samsung, Google Pixel and others.

When they have a new smartphone, users usually try to test the quality of the cellphone’s front camera first. Of course, when you consider that the selfie trend has shot up like mushrooms, especially with young people.

But did you notice that the images from the front camera of your smartphone are printed upside down? If so, all of the selfies you’ve taken so far may have been saved as mirror images.

Mirror image is a condition in which when you look at the captured image, you notice that the position of the photographed object is reversed like a mirror.

This can be clearly seen when you take a selfie with a text background, then the writing is flipped horizontally. Can you imagine what the letter would be like? That would definitely be hard to read.

Can the incident that happened on your smartphone then be classified as a serious problem? Of course not. In fact, this is common on some smartphones, especially smartphones that you have just bought.

Then how to fix Android reverse front camera like a mirror for all phone brands? Please see the following tutorial for more information!

This is how you can easily overcome a reversing camera

Fortunately, not all phone brands have this problem. According to some user experience, such incidents usually appear on Xiaomi and Samsung phones.

If you haven’t changed the default settings on your new smartphone, it is possible that your smartphone’s front camera is intentionally set by the manufacturer to show an inverted or mirrored effect.

Personally, I don’t see any advantage in this mirror effect. In addition, the preview display on the smartphone’s front camera looks as natural as we want it to be before recording.

A strange event happens when the picture is saved in the gallery, suddenly all the captured pictures are turned upside down. We are therefore encouraged to pay more attention to the appearance and results of the stored images when taking pictures with the front camera.

Personally, I prefer the saved image to be exactly as it was before it was taken. Yeah, the point is to make it look natural. To turn off this mirror effect, you’ll now need to change some of the default camera settings to make the resulting photo look natural.

My experience with Xiaomi and Samsung phones has shown me how to use this upside down front camera. And you don’t have to worry because it is very easy to repair.


On Xiaomi smartphones, you can follow the tutorial below.

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  • Open the camera app on the Xiaomi smartphone
  • Please select the front camera
  • Press the settings menu or options

How to solve Xiaomi's rear camera

  • After the settings page has opened, please select the menu Mirror front camera or Mirror front camera. After setting the option from one to the end.
  • Exit the settings to save the settings
  • Take a test photo of the front camera to conduct an experiment.
  • After disabling the mirror front camera function, the resulting image or photo will look more natural.

Samsung and other brands

On Samsung smartphones and other brands, you can follow the tutorial below.

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  • Please open the camera app
  • Select the front camera to start setting
  • Tap the radio button or the gear icon

How to overcome a Samsung phone's rear camera

  • On the Camera Settings page, find the Save Pictures As Preview menu.

How To Solve Samsung Rear Camera

  • Exit settings
  • Experiment with the front camera
  • Well, the resulting photo or picture looks realistic, just like the original.

The last word

So the article about overcoming the rear camera in Xiaomi and Samsung phones. Hopefully this article is useful and don’t forget to read other interesting articles.

Last updated: June 28, 2021
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