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Explanation of skills and strategies with Hero Kensei Vainglory - PlayGames-de | Games | Android | iOS | Pc

Using Hero Kensei Vainglory – It’s time to Vainglory hero spotlight!, Today we are discussing Kensei, the wandering swordmaster. Kensei is an agile swordsman who can move around the battlefield well. With a massive sword in hand, he could punch through front armor as easily as backline stretchers.

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Explanation of Kensei’s hero skills

With the perk Immobile Spirit, Kensei takes advantage of the enemy’s defense. After Kensei hits enemy Heroes and Jungle Monsters 3 times, Kensei’s next normal attack deals bonus burst damage and gives him a barrier. This is shown on the white display under Kensei’s HP and Energy.

In addition, all of Kensei’s basic attacks do more damage to targets with higher max HP. So Kensei is one of the best heroes to fight tank enemies as he does more damage to them. Keep this in mind when choosing enemies to attack.

We’ll start with a look at Kensei’s second skill, Kensho, as it affects how the other skills work. When activated, Kensei hits the enemy immediately before jumping back and assuming the preparation stance, while Kensei gains increased HP while in stance. If Kensei activates Lotus Strike or the Ronin Ultimate Path during or immediately after a pose, these abilities gain a massive additional effect.

While using his first ability, Lotus Strike, Kensei charges forward, hitting all enemies in a wide area. This ability can be reactivated 2 more times if used immediately after the first cast. These quick hits are great for quickly gaining stacks of Immovable Mind perks. During the Kensho stance, Lotus Strike continues, slowing down any enemies it hits.

When the skill is overdrive, the cooldown of Lotus Strike is greatly reduced. My advice, learn this skill first and improve it when it becomes available. Shortly after activating the ronin’s ultimate path, Kensei encounters all enemies on the chosen path. During the Kensho stance, Path of the Ronin also stuns every enemy in its path, making it not only fill the void but also become a powerful initiation tool.

This ultimate is good when fighting in narrow jungle corridors. Look for ways to hit multiple enemies at the same time so that you can easily take down your enemies. When trying to fight certain enemies, look for creative ways to use kensho.

Strategy during the war

In that match, Kensei approached mid lane to gank Kestrel. Kensei uses Kensho on the henchmen to prepare kills. Kestrel turned to run, but it was too late. With Path of the Ronin, Kensei walks down the alley, stunning Kestrel. Then Kensei assembles a basic attack between the lotus strike effect to maximize damage and chasing Kestrel, even though Kestrel activates boots.

Thanks to his quick reaction, Kensei managed to kill Kestrel and ease Idris’ burden on the lane. Here Kensei’s team sees an enemy who wants to catch Ghostwing and tries to stop them. Attacking the five members of the opposing team was risky, but Kensei had a plan. He uses Kensho in Monster Jungle to prepare for his next skill. In no time at all, Kensei was using a reinforced ronin path, shot at Ghostwing, and met Celeste and Varya.

Kensei gains a maximum stack of Immovable Mind so he can turn around and hit Celeste with a reinforced attack to eliminate Celeste from the fight. Kensei uses Lotus Strike, hitting Varya and Fortress before launching another basic attack to take out Varya and get another max stack that is used to attack the fortress and reach a massive barrier thanks to Fortress’s high max HP . Then Kensei used a reflex block to stop Atlas pauldron and remove obstacles to the quadrakill with ease.

Thank you for visiting PlayGames ID and reading Vainglory heroes in the spotlight! He’s already in a Taizen Boss costume in Vainglory Update 3.3, so be sure to give it a try.

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