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Experience recovering Suspended Free Fire (FF) accounts – Has your Free Fire account been banned and banned by Garena? Here’s how I am restoring the FF account so that it can be played again.

It all started with my curiosity about using third party applications to try different cheats, from automatic headshots to walking through walls and rocks to immortality and many others.

All the scripts and codes are scattered on Youtube, all players can easily download them. The first time I tried it I was a little confused, but the confusion paid off when I managed to use the cheat.

Free Fire, which is currently the number 1 most popular game in Indonesia, turned out to be more exciting when played with a cheat I just tried. In particular, going through walls and stones, I have repeatedly bullied other Free Fire players by randomly shooting and confusing other Free Fire players about my whereabouts.

It’s small but very fun!

FF account experience with Banned Garena

I used the Free Fire Cheat for almost a season until I found out in January that my account was blocked. I felt stressed there and just broke up because I often topped up in that account.

Fountain The cheapest FF charging Purchase an Elite Pass or a Free Fire Diamond Top Up for the Mysteri Shop event. I spent a lot of money on this account. I also collected some limited items, maybe I spent more than 5 million on this account.

At that moment, I really regretted it and vowed not to do it again. But how do I get my account back after I’ve been banned and banned by Garena?

How can I recover a free account that has been suspended?

Recover a locked Suspend FF account

The picture above is the state of my account after having been unable to open it for almost 3 months because it was banned or banned by Garena. It feels great because I can finally play FF ​​games again.

The first thing I did back then was to contact the Garena Free Fire Indonesia Facebook administrator so they could help me recover my suspended FF account. But to no avail, they said, they couldn’t help.

Then I tried to contact the creators of the Free Fire cheat script to take responsibility, but to no avail. My chats are only read without being answered. After all, that’s a risk, so I can’t sue anyone.

In the end I tried to contact Garena Indonesia Official via email. After going through a long process for 3 months, I finally got my account back. Here I am going to share with you how to make your appeal to Garena Free Fire Indonesia acceptable.

  • Open the Gmail application on your smartphone
  • For the destination email, please enter the email of Garena Free Fire Indonesia, namely [email protected]
  • Write a message with the following content to appeal

Dear Garena Free Fire Indonesia,

I (your name) experienced a strange event on my Free Fire account. My account cannot be opened because it has been blocked or suspended by Garena. I’m sure I didn’t go wrong playing the Free Fire game, so I sincerely ask Garena to recheck and recover my suspended account.

Thanks very much.

After that, Garena Free Fire Indonesia will ask you to send more information about the date of the suspension and an attachment to prove the suspension of your account.

Garena Free Fire Indonesia's answer

After submitting the blocking date information and proof of the attachment blocking, you can wait for Garena to review it. If you are lucky, your account will go back to normal.

Much luck!

The last word

This is the article about my experience returning a suspended or banned Garena Free Fire account. I hope my experience is useful and how it works for you too!

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