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Title: Equipment to Live Again after Death Mobile Legends
Link: Equipment to Live Again after Death Mobile Legends

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Equipment to Live Again after Death Mobile Legends

Equipment to Live Again after Death Mobile Legends

Dying and then living again is a common thing for heroes in Mobile Legends games, but dying and coming back to life immediately after being hit by an enemy kill might be an odd thing for players who don’t know the secret be. The administrator will reveal the secret of how to instantly bring the hero back to life after the death of enemies in the Mobile Legends Game.

Not only can Farami’s hero be brought back to life after death, but all heroes in the Mobile Legends game can all do it by purchasing equipment immortality.Hero Faramis dies and is brought back to life for 10 seconds and then brought back to life is indeed the ultimate of Heroes Faramis, but if your hero uses immortality items, heroes who die and are brought back to life are with no Ultimate real.

Immortality equipment is an additional item that can offer unique effects in the form of HP (healing point / blood) and magic resistance (defense against magic attacks) and has a unique passive effect that can be revived with an additional 15% HP after 2 seconds of death. Immortal items including defensive equipment attributes.

After we know the function of the immortality item, we should also understand very well how to use the item so that it does not die in vain in a match due to careless handling of immortality items.

Equipment to Live Again after Death Mobile Legends

Equipment or item immortality We can buy it for 2120 gold and if the slot equipment is still available, players usually buy Immortality items in mid or late game, after we buy Immortality items the hero will get an additional 800 Hp and 40 Magic Resistance or Defense from Magic Attacks.

The passive effect generated brings the hero back to life 2 seconds after being hit by the enemy and receives 15% HP from the HP hero as well as an additional immune effect for 3 seconds. So within 3 seconds you should be able to flee and stay away from the enemy attack so as not to get killed again. But if you’re in a 1-on-1 position and the enemy dies, you can fight them.

The resuscitation effect has a cooldown of 180 seconds or 3 minutes, so the effect will work again after 3 minutes. If players don’t understand this, they will usually underestimate the enemy, we have to be very good at the cooldown.

Immortality items are suitable for all types of heroes, but are more effective when they are tank-type heroes whose equipment slots are actually suitable for replenishing with defensive attributes.

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