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Equipment build Sun Mobile Legend Top Global

Equipment build Sun Mobile Legend Top Global

Sun is a hero in the mobile legend game with a type of fighter who attacks with a stick. Sun or Monkey king has pretty strong abilities namely Summons Monkey, Golden Cudgel Strike, Instantaneous Move, and Cline Techniques.

Equipment build Sun Mobile Legend Top Global
Sun Mobile legend

Sun or Monkey king can be purchased in the shop for 32000 Battle Points or 599 Diamond this hero is inspired by the 90s era, which is certainly no stranger to the TV series Magical monkey , and heroes Sun Mobile legend inspired by Sun go kong.

The main skill of the hero Sun is the ultimate ability that can reproduce up to 2 clones, passive ability Sun also conjures a clone. So this hero’s specialist clones himself to attack brutally so that the enemy is knocked out

Solar story

So there is an ape that was born out of the rocks. He was born an extraordinary person, so smart, with amazing strength. Unfortunately, he was punished for Sun’s misconduct on the mountain and imprisoned by the gods. As long as he was punished, even Sun could only watch the world change very quickly. He was stuck on the mountain and watched the seasons change. Deep down, Sun longed for his freedom. Until one day Sun can be freed and regained his strength. He immediately flew free and celebrated his freedom. He flew very far until he reached the Land of Dawn.

Sun then decided to stop and begin a new life journey there. They try their luck in life in the land of dawn, a land full of bloodshed.

Skills owned by Sun Mobile Legend

  • Summons Monkeys (Passive)Sun can summon a clone after performing 5 normal attacks. After that, the clone will level up every 5 basic attacks from the original. The clone status increases as the clone level increases.
    This Sun clone can be controlled through the buttons on the user interface. In forward attack mode (does not attack jungle / forest monsters) and in follow-up mode, the distance to the original is maintained and enemies within its attack range are attacked (attacks jungle monsters when the real monster attacks).
  • Golden Cudgel Strike (Skill 1)Cooldown: 10.0
    Mana cost: 80
    Sun and his twin use the Golden Gada, also known as the magic wand, to strike forward, dealing 120 points of physical damage, debilitating enemy attacks, and moving up to 40 percent movement speed for 2 seconds.
  • Instant Movement (Skill 2)Cooldown: 8.0
    Mana cost: 110
    Sun and his twin make an instant move that deals 100 physical damage to all enemies along the way.
  • Cloning Techniques (Ultimate Skill)Cooldown: 42.0
    Mana cost: 120
    Summons two high-level twins, increases the twin’s attack by 10, HP by 1000.

after i knew Abilities of the sun back to the topic of the article discussion Equipment build Sun Mobile Legend Top Global or you can say Build equipment Sun Top Player, Yet Local sun roof , just watch it live Equipment build Sun Mobile Legend Top Global as follows :

Battle spell used by Sun Mobile Legend

Uses the sun itself Combat spells

  • Inspired:This spell accelerates the hero’s attack power against the enemy for 5 seconds.

Emblem set suitable for Hero Sun Mobile Legend

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